Anyone wanna lobby up?

Have a few rounds talk some KI have some practice, talk about junk on here, let me know. GT is the same as my username.

I’m game. My gamertag is my username, but with a space between the words, so GalacticGeek is actually Galactic Geek.

Please note however, my connection is not friendly towards lobbies and disconnects virtually every time, so we’ll have to do 1v1 (which is fine, IMO, since it cuts down on the chatter).


You on? just got outa work and wanna spar a lil bit I’ll add u.

it doesnt find u try to add me user name is my gt, anyone else wanna join add me

Edit I didn’t read the space part.

Sadly, I just finished watching a film with my family (“Kingsman: The Secret Service” BTW - it was a weird movie) and I have to get some sleep because I have to be at work in the morning, but I should be available sometime after 3 p.m. eastern if you’re interested in sparring then. :wink:

Good match, I was pretty drunk though and don’t know who won or what we talked about lol, I just remember talking about jago not having a laser sword and then blank…


That’s probably because I hit you a little too hard with Aganos. :stuck_out_tongue:
:dizzy_face: :ok_hand:

dude I was so messed up lol, I think we had a few good laughs I think, but man I was tore up lol.