Anyone using an elite controller? thoughts?

just grabbed one today not had chance to mess around wtih the sticks or anything, just wondering what others configs were and thoughts on it? the trigger lock from initial feel, feels like it will be great since the distance for travel is about the same (or feels more like) that of the bumpers with them locked.

Mine is coming in today. I’ll report back when I know!

just had a fight against a shadow, man is it nice, the movement on the analogue stick is so fluid compared to the standard pad, and the round d pad is awesome for pulling off combos with since you can get the circle movements easier just roll your thumb :smiley:

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I hope I can find one on sale. That $150 is killer… in a bad way.

I need to get one. :sob:

I would absolutely love to have one, even if I keep it specifically for KI use, but like you, I can’t justify that price for a controller.

do you play racing games? its fantasic for them (sim anyway) with the back paddles for shifting wtih, not tried any FPs games yet.

Don’t use the circular dpad. Use the normal one. It’s really good. It seems like its the same as the regular controller but its not.

right now i’m feeling like this is the best controller I’ve ever held.
round (8-directions) d-pad is the best.
I’m using 2 back pedals for PPP and KKK shortcuts. And shorter pull for RT.
Really nice controller. I don’t feel like there’s a need of arcade stick any more for me.

Yes I do and I LOVE mine I brought one before launch. So much more responsive.

At first I was apprehensive about spending that much money on the controller but my original was going bad anyway and @WebNRaGnArOk spoke about their experiences. Brought mine from Best Buy and brought the warranty.

I’ve had one since they released them.

Never used it with KI because I don’t like using a controller on a fighting game. That’s what fight sticks are for.

As far as the controller itself, analog stick motion is buttery smooth, the app you can download allows for a lot of tinkering if you spend the time, the trigger lock is the shizzle, and the overall controller is boss.

I have 1! I tried using the paddles to replace the bumpers and triggers, but it felt odd and got in the way, so I removed those. I liked the circular d-pad, but I found that I have a tendency to press on it too hard and it almost pops off when I do that, so I took that off as well. Right now, the only changes I use are the locked triggers and a slightly higher joystick. :wink:

I just tried the middle size sticks, looked at them 1st like the f… these look stupid, but they feel really nice, much nice than the ps3 controller with the dog nose texture

Love my elite controller - I play KI though with a padhacked fightstick - advantage being it works on pc and xbox one!

I like the way it feels, like “better quality”, but I don’t want to abuse it for a fighting game. I didn’t like the round d pad since I couldn’t get the movements right, so I prefer the standard d pad. I have a costume fightstick and I’ll stick to it as long as it last. But I miss quite much dashing with the d-pad =( I’ve never played a fighting game with stick more than 3 hours and I kind of got tired and started making too many mistakes plus some irritations on my right wrist. but if anything happens I’ll use the elite.

PS: My idea for elite was for GoW4