Anyone managed to unlock the Definitive Edition bundled content on the PC?

Hey guys,

About a week ago I’ve purchased from Amazon a digital copy of the KI Definitive Edition. Knowing that all KI content is cross-buy and also noticing that the image of the product clearly states that it’s a “Content bundle for both the Xbox One and Windows 10” I assumed that I’ll immediately get all of the content for both platforms.

I’ve redeemed my code on the Xbox app on Windows 10 and for my surprising none of the new content was there. I did some research and found out that the DE will only officially launch on the PC later this year (which the Amazon page did not and still doesn’t state). So I assumed that I won’t get any of the new content anytime soon.

Later today I went trough the KI subreddit and encountered this thread, where a user stated that he did get all of the DE content for the PC, also posting an image of Golden Gargos on the PC. So I was wondering if any of you guys also managed to get the DE content on his PC, and if there’s a way for me to unlock it before it officially launches on the Windows store.


That was me…

Sounds like you only have a PC. I played on my Xbox One before playing on PC and my stuff carried over. I just prefer playing Shadow Lords on PC since the loading times are so much faster. It really cuts down on the amount time you spend making your way through the mode.

Hello :slight_smile:

I’ve managed to load up the game on my brother’s Xbox One, all the content did appear there, but when I booted it up on the PC there was no sign of it…

Did you own any of the characters before?

I’m not really sure on this, but from what I think I saw somewhere on the forum here, the pc edition will be out a bit later, hence why it doesnt carry over…yet.

well according to rukizzel it does. but several users here and on reddit said that that isn’t the case. they seems to be a problem with the authentification of the Xbox account in the PC version. for now I wouldn’t risk it and wait for the official PC version of the DE. maybe by then they also fixed the issue with the controller support.

The thing is about the Definitive Edition content, it is a separate app from the KI game, which my guess is why it’s not available on PC yet. It’s a front-end app with all the documentaries, artwork, music, etc contained therein, and will also let you launch KI from it (KI arcade games as well on XB1). The Gargos colors are included in the bundle though, so that would explain why someone has Gold Gargos on PC, though honestly that could be anyone…I’m currently playing with gold gargos on PC and I have the DE disk, which isn’t cross-play compatible.

So yeah, just hang on a bit longer and the DE app will be available on PC.

still all the characters should be available if one buys the digital DE. but even that doesn’t seem to be the case according to some user reports.

Hey. I just bought the game digitally from my Xbox One Bazar. My surprise was when i did not see the content on the PC version. Thank you guys, and the main Xbox official Page, after being desperated, i’d read that the DE will be avaliable at PC soon. I think i will be playing on my Xbox One while this happens. Anyways, Microsoft should make and adverstiment of that… many of us would not fall in that non sense situation. Tomorrow i will call Microsoft for being sure about this… or i will claim my money back and purchase the Supreme Edition on PC… (If this is possible, but in my continent the Law says that you can refuse this kind of buy). You can Read the information you said before on the official Site. Where you can read “We’re also pleased to announce that KI: DE will be available for Windows 10 later this holiday! Those who purchase the Xbox One version digitally will automatically receive the Windows 10 version for free as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program.”

I did not buy the Box with the Soundtrack CD for making possible the cross buy… being digital. I hope it will works.
Thanks for listening to me.


Well. I contact Microsoft. They said will be able, the DE for PC on holidays… well not waste of money. Thanks :slight_smile:

I have the same issue, but I think dumber. I kept researching over and over regarding the cross-buy, and yeah, the image said it’s X-Box AND Windows. The official site mentioned that both versions get the content, except KI1&2 Arcade.

So I bought the digital copy of the Definite Edition, entered the code and got the game. BUT… only for X-Box One. Guess what… I don’t have an X-Box One. Just wanted to spare 10 bucks. I can’t access the content on the PC version, which I installed before I obtained the code.

So what can I do now? Do I have to find someone who has an X-Box One, log in there and synchronize it somehow? How does that work?

It’s kinda weird that there isn’t an easy way on the X-Box app to make the content accessible to Windows 10, too. Like an “Unlock content on PC” button or something.

When is “this holiday” in the US? :wink: Do they mean Halloween or Christmas?

How did you guys even contact the Support?! It’s impossible, can’t either find or connect to any.

awkward moment they just said holiday i wonder next year or not if it is christimas bye bye shadowlords for me.

If we already bought all the other seasons and Shago etc for PC, will we have to pay more for the DE features, Gold gargos skins etc?

*shrug * Probably. Every instance of it so far has been having everyone pay for the full package with no regard to whether they have already bought the full game or not.

Oh damn, thats a shame.

I would be happy to pay smaller amount to just get the things I don’t already have, like the new gold Gargos and the documentaries etc, but I don’t think that I would pay another $40.00 to pay for stuff I already bought.

I feel ya. The main reason I got the disk version was for preservation purposes, but frankly I didn’t care much for buying the whole thing all over again, especially since I have technically already bought the full game twice already (3 seasons of Ultra edition for myself, and the Supreme edition for my kids’ Xbox). But it is what it is.