Anyone lose astral plane stage

Logged in and astral plane is locked even though I had it unlocked and have beat challenge mode.


same here. it must be a bug.

Thanks @DIAMONDVISI0N and @G0tei13Izaragi for answering my question about the latest patch. Another reason not to play SL.


Make sure after you unlock the stage that you do something that initiates a Save (change your controls, play and finish a match, etc). That should prevent this from ever happening until the bug is fixed in a later update.

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And I’d add that should you need to play challenging lenging again for unlocking astral plane, use
Team Kim wu/ orchid / sadira. You’ll get there in no time.


I unlocked it beating SL a second time. First time unlocked then locked again. Now its fine.

Did this ever get fixed? I’d rather not beat it for a 3rd time.

As far as I know it has, and if not the suggestion @Delriach made will make certain you don’t have it lock back on you.