Anyone Know How to Beat Cinder with RAAM?

When I was playing against Gold Cinders, I kept telling myself victory would happen when I’m patient and punish.

Now, I’m playing Killer Cinders and he’s the one doing all the punishing. Seriously that guy can punish anything. He can bust balls and ovaries on wakeup like no other.

Anyone have some tips? Cinders rare enough that I see him long enough to get my Kryll sacs ruined, then he vanishes for weeks, so I’m not getting much practice.

I’ll gladly trade you some anti-Jago tips for your trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

You should run some sets with @BHswordsman09 once the EVO Rush dies down. Long sets are the best ways to learn MU’s, and Sword’s one of the best Cinders around.

I’m going to say this right now. This MU is rough, but I think you know that already.

Bass has a Cinder set up with LetalisVenator playing General Raam, you could check that out for some tips.

cinder is tough. Its a mu that requires extreme patience. Its one I’ll have to explore more but so far cinder wins big time.

I don’t know the matchup all that well but just know that with RAAM patience is crucial in any matchup against a highly mobile character. That and hard reads…

Here’s some random tips that don’t really make the match up easier but they help.
If you block a trailblazer do emergence, it’ll hit Cinder out of his follow ups and put kryll on him.
Raam’s can low profile cinder’s dp from certain ranges so if you’re fighting a dp happy cinder you can use that to meaty safely.
Kryll shield can be used to absorb the dp if you think it’s coming, and since the fired up pillar is a projectile you can also absorb it.
If cinder does that shadow explosion frame trap you can zero frame grab him through it.
Emergence can destroy pyrobombs in flight and on the ground but not on raam himself so if cinder is just chucking them non-stop you can negate them all. It gets a little harder to do when he starts throwng the one with the huge arc though.
That’s all i got, match up is still really hard.

Thanks, those tips are really helpful :slight_smile:

When you say punish trailblazer with emergence, does the strength of each matter? I’m working on a mini analysis, and it’s looking like light or medium emergence can reversal medium or heavy trailblazer. But heavy emergence never works, and light trailblazer is always safe against emergence.

I’m curious to know if my analysis predicts reality to any degree.