Anyone in Boston down to play or start up a monthly event?

Hey there guys, I’ve posted on here before about a year ago and made some really cool friends. Just for some background:

I help run an up and coming Smash brothers venue right in Downtown Boston. We started with 18 man monthlies and now have to cap them since so many people attend. We’ve recently grown so much that we are going to host the first Smash Major in years at the Seaport in August.

That being said I mainly help the venue and I’m close friends with the head TO. We’re busy about 3 times a week but I don’t want to be annoying and bother him all of the time to do a KI event. However, if enough people show interest I’m sure he’d like to do it. So leave a reply if you’re ever willing to come down and hang out for some friendly matches at our venue!

(Just as a disclaimer, I love other fighting games as well but again this isn’t my venue so please don’t ask me to throw other fighters in the mix lol. Almost everyone ask this when I make a post and I feel bad because it’s already difficult trying to get just KI to work).

I have 4 people from Southern NH/ Boston who would attend given enough notice. Is alcohol allowed at the venue?

Yeah it’s allowed in moderation. We can’t have people bringing a bunch of hard liquor and having a party but most adults bring a couple of beers and are respectable.

Just make sure that you’re responsible and don’t make us regret it haha.

Yeah we’d probably just bring some beers. I just wanted to check if it was alright. We save our heavy drinking for when we’re at home. Let me know if you guys settle on a date and I’ll try to coordinate with my friends to attend.

Alright. I know we are supposed to start up a Pokken biweekly tournament on Fridays soon. Maybe during one of those events we can have a couple of KI setups on the side. I’ll let you know.