Anyone having trouble getting Ranked matches?

I’m stuck in low Silver because I can’t get matched up in Ranked. In contrast, Exhibition matches me up pretty quickly.

I realize it’s possible no one is online to match against, so I wanted to check if this is normal or I’m missing something. Is there anyway to check the queue/matching pool?

I’m on Steam, if that’s relevant.

Well, I did some more searching and found out Exhibition has cross-play while Ranked does not, probably answering my own question. That’s a serious letdown

Yeaah… honestly, Steam is the worst version of the game. Microsoft has some issues with advertising games, basically KI just came out on Steam from nowhere. There is an Xbox game called “Sunset Overdrive”. It was released on PC a few months ago without any advertising, its really stupid. So yeah, steam has the lowest playerbase out of the versions.
As far as i know the Windows Store version is fully compatible with the Xbox One so you can get matches in ranked more often. Maybe if you are really interested u should buy it again on a sale (its 6 or 7 bucks).
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Thanks, I was wondering about this and was about to go research

I’d recommend you the Xbox one version. Plenty of people online playing on ranked. Good luck!

I made the switch and, omg, this is awesome! I got 6 qualifying matches (since I have to do that again), and none of them even took 30 seconds to match. Such a refreshing change from watching the screen wondering “will I even be able to get a ranked match today?”

I think my level 1-4 Hisako took a lot of people by surprise though. Someone Killer-ranked took a loss because he (probably) was trying to be nice.

@Cabp15 Annnnd I get matched up against you, lol. I know you were using a character you weren’t familiar with, but if you remember the match and there’s anything you noticed about my playstyle that I need to work on, please let me know. I tried recording the playback, but there’s a bug in the second round so that all the inputs happen at the wrong time

I’ll give some feedback later when I get back from work. Hisako used to be my main, so I believe I can help you out. See you later.

Exhibition is cross play with Console and Windows… Ranked is limited to Steam only.

Sounds like you switched already, but yeah, that’ll solve your matchmaking issues. The Steam population for Ranked is very small, so matching takes a really long time. Playing on Win10 or X1 (they crossplay with one another) should leave you never having to wait more than 15-20 seconds to find another match.

@STORM179 Oh yeah, the difference is night and day. Now, my only matching problem is getting matched against Killers in 3 out of 4 Promotion matches trying to get into Gold rank.

Oh, and I have not seen one proficient Kan-ra in Win10/X1 pool in 96 ranked matches, so I now see what you meant when you said they’re rare

Seems like you don’t need any more help. Storm179 is the man when it comes to Hisako. There’s this guy who is insanely good playing Kan-ra (Freaky Jason I think). You can dig his stuff on YouTube.

Storm179 has incredible knowledge, but he wasn’t there in the match with me. Just watching it myself though, I’m noticing major problems in execution. One jumping HP was supposed to be a TK ORZ. Some moves were supposed to be Shadow versions, and I think one Influence was even supposed to be a Possession.

I’ve been light on questions so far because I’ve been reading and finding more info that I haven’t put into practice yet. I saw a post by Storm about tick throws, and I still haven’t successfully pulled any of the options he laid out off in an actual match yet. I just, in the last 24 hours, started to land Counter Breakers on purpose, so I still have lots of stuff to work on.

Also, in the Win10/X1 pool, it’s currently Maya (because I can’t read her), Sabrewulf (super common), and Glacius (difficulties with zoning/need to study up on Puddle Punch’s capabilities) giving me the most pain

Haha. That one’s actually more common than you might expect :-p

Don’t worry about it though. A lot of the execution stuff will just kind of fall into place as you put in more time. You’ll get there :+1:t5:

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I was watching your FT15 with SonicDolphin117 today to see how Hisako should play against Glacius, and the commentary was enlightening/surprising. I guess I had an overly-idealized view of top players as being beyond input flubs.

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