Anyone have any tips against high-level Fug-bots?

Lately, I’ve been running up against a batch of top-32 Fulgores (or maybe it’s the same guy, I never remember to look at the gamer tag).

Anyway, we all know how Fulgore scales pretty much 1:1 with his player’s skill–at low levels he’s a drunken slovenly mess.

But then at high levels…

How do you guys and girls beat the bot? I play RAAM, and it feels like no matter what I do, Fulgore is beating me to some kind of punch I never even knew existed. Here are some of the things that I can’t handle right now, if it helps the discussion:

  1. Teleport spam: I never know which way to block. It would seem that looking for a screen zoom out or in would help (in -> he’s behind me, out -> he’s creating distance). But even with that in mind, I’m 85% of the time surprised by what comes out.

  2. He seems to have a million 50/50 opportunities: When he comes out of teleport, I have three options: command grab, block, or get out of there. If I try command grab, he DPs. If I try block, he throws. If I try to get out of there, he does his advancing frame trap move (the spinning one) or he blade dashes. And I’m not certain, but I think he has a ton of frame trap options, after which the 50/50 is super real.

I know he’s this game’s Chun Li–he scares lots of people when his player is high-level. Nonetheless, I’ll build a shrine on Everest to anyone who can help me beat him <3

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OK first teleport are not safe unless he does the fireball set up. If he is teleporting Fullscreen press rams fastest move to catch him. You shouldnt allow them to teleport in your face it’s very punishable and almost all your moves should be able to hit him before he disappears. Most fulgores aren’t throwing out DPs on a mix up. Unless he charges it it’s not positive or even on block so don’t let him press buttons after it.

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If you know without a doubt that he’s going to teleport next to you, I would just shadow command grab him since you’re playing as Raam.

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Yeah that helps when I know where he’s going. Thanks :slight_smile: I find that emergence can also catch him coming out of a teleport. It’s really easy to get confused by the teleport-teleport cancel shenanigans, though. And when he sets up a teleport with a fireball, I just p-o-o-p in the pants (it’s censoring that word, again).

He can’t pimp cancel a teleport he just doing it over again. Well with the fireball shenanigans that can be hard and as far as I’m aware you just make the correct read sorry.

Answering both problems: he is fully punishable after a teleport. You don’t have to take a mixup unless he’s put a fireball on you.

does that i mean i can just jab him out instead of trying to jump hp with raam and getting beat by his spin

Jab, throw, and some medium normals will work.

You don’t win…lol. The trick is to learn to block. Painful but most players don’t have patience and will try to go for something risk to open you up.

One disadavantage with teleporting: if you see him teleporting near you, grab him and throw him, most times you can’t react. While I have found a way to deal with that myself I won’t reveal it for your sake OP.

Another thing to is you can tap light attacks and Fulgore will go right into it.

Reneral Gaam vs Fugbot is just a hard matchup for him in general. He has good anti zoning tools for every character, except Fulgore. Spinal somewhat but Spinal doesn’t have endless zoning so we will leave him out. As Gaam you have to inch forward and pinch him. No one wants to be near Gaam. So he will be forced to try and get away. You’d want to try and read when that happens and catch him. But he has a lot of tools to get around Gaam, so you need to bait if they DP. I don’t fight a lot of Gaams but when I do, they make the mistake of letting me keep space.