Anyone have any tech for dealing with shadow jago and kan ra

Having trouble with these match up can anyone help a kind wu player out

vs Ra

Rush him down. As soon as the match begins dash in and never let him go. He shouldn’t be a problem without traps and swarms on the field.

Try to get some dragons so whenever he escapes just cancel a dragon kick to get in again.

Bait out his sandsplosion (10 frame startup) with safe jumps and punish.

For Shago, you can pretty much punish all his specials (I believe, correct me if I’m wrong).

His slide is easy to block or counter (since you’re playing Kim Wu, and I don’t mean Shadow Counter, she has an attack that stops opponents from doing anything and gives you a chance for her to strike back).

Since I’m not a Kim player or a Kan-Ra or Shago player, that’s all I can help you with. Hope this helps.

After playing a fair bit of Shago, you can jab confirm into whatever combo on block. I don’t play Kim yet so I don’t know what the right buttons are, her parry and firecrackers are very useful against a fireball game. Random slides can usually be punished by jumping back with your best air button (HP for Kim I believe).
If you can get a couple clips of your matches, we could give better ideas in general and MU-specitic.