Anyone have a workaround for stuck at DLC check?

I’ve tried restarting the game heaps, it’s on the firewall, firewall is on. I just reinstalled the game, it went through the “syncing process” 3 times and then it just stayed on checking DLC forever.

I hope they remove it when the game is done.

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Yeah I did…

I started having this problem today, actually, without any discernible reason. I don’t own an Xbox One so I’m just starting to use the PC version, and it was working well for a while (except the ULTRAAAAAA announcer bug which is very unfortunate and I hope they fix in addition to being able to simply play reliably), but the last time I booted the game, the save data was totally erased. About three hours of progress just straight-up gone. Nothing, a fresh save, only without the ability to make a new save because the game had issues logging in at all.

I’m somewhat concerned because I had the Supreme bundle and was all excited for it, but now I’ve lost both all my progress and the ability to play any mode at all. Now it just gets stuck at checking for downloadable content.

I hope a fix is provided very soon, because this is discouraging. Even if it was just learning in single player, it would have been nice to be able to do that much, but the hang at “Checking for downloadable content” is totally preventing me from even accessing the game in any way.

I’m kind of lost trying to find information from the developers. I am really eager to play but I haven’t been able to since release. What’s more is no one in the community is talking about it and a lot of people seem to be having these issues?

If you figure out a fix please let me know. I have run out of ideas.

bump. Still no fix?

Just going to bump this again because…I reinstalled the game and it’s still not fixed. I don’t know what else to try, am I the only one still having this problem?