Anyone figure out what Arbiter's theme is a remix of (if it is one)?

I just assumed that any Halo character’s theme in any crossover appearance would be the main theme (unless they have their own leitmotif that I don’t know about), but from what I have heard of Arbiter’s theme it doesn’t sound like that. Anyone know what it’s supposed to be? A remix? A new composition.

Also note that I haven’t played Halo 5: Guardians so if it’s a remix of a track from that then I never would’ve been able to recognize it myself.

From what I remember it’s a remix of a song in Halo 3. Don’t know what it is exactly yet though

Edit: My bad it was Halo 2. Here it is at 1:14


Yeah, I can hear it. Sounds like Atlas Plug and Celldweller took a lot liberties with it, though. Nevertheless, it sounds just as badass as the other themes they have composed for Season 3 thus far. Can’t wait for the soundtrack release.

Edit: Ghosts of Reach is the short rock portion. A large portion of the song borrows from Impend:


Yeah spot on with that.