Anyone experiencing random disconnects in ranked and exhibition?

I generally have never had a problem until a few days ago. I was playing ranked and there was a rainstorm they came and knocked out power in my house. Since then I’ve been experiencing random disconnects and both ranked and exhibition modes quite frequently. I’m talking like every 3 or 4 matches. My ranked record is definitely inaccurate this month. I’ve hard reset the Xbox several times and actually uninstalled and reinstalled KI. I also tested to see if other games randomly disconnect during online multilayer and they don’t. Has anyone else experienced this? Are there any solutions to try? Any recommendations for help?

In the meantime, I’ll play on the pc and see if it’s any better.

Yes. I’ve been getting disconnected and handed a loss in ranked, roughly ten in the past few days. More concerning, tonight I’m trying to play, and it keeps crashing back to the home screen. I literally had 4 crashes in a row, less than ten minutes.