Anyone ever notice about Halo

Anyone ever notice about Halo, Microsoft’s flagship franchise, that the backstory (the flood part anyway) is pretty much:

The universe got a virus, so to combat it they saved all their data and rebooted the universe.


Yes. Weird that the forerunners didn’t save themselves though.

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They tried, some took shelter on shield worlds but what most people don’t understand is that a Contender Class AI called the Mendicant Bias (which was created by the Forerunners to slow down the Flood and if possible destroy it) was manipulated by the Grave Mind that formed (once the Flood reaches enough mass, it develops a “hive mind” from all its hosts) and tricked the AI by communicating the true nature of life is to evolve and that it is on the wrong side of evolution if it is fighting for the Forerunners, arguing that “it” - being the Grave Mind, is absorbing all organic life to make it into one higher consciousness of life and existence. The Mendicant Bias thought that to sound correct and therefore helped the Grave Mind attack the Forerunners leaving the Forerunners to act desperately. Mendicant Bias helped the Grave Mind by destroying Halo rings (5 were destroyed leaving 7) but the Forerunners fired the remaining Halo Rings sacrificing themselves in order to give a chance to the next mantle holders to correct their wrongs (for not seeing it coming and not realizing the advanced ancient humans weren’t invading galaxies heading towards Forerunner space but in fact running away from the Flood.

Yeah, I know…they way Halo is becoming it’s about as convoluted as the Star Wars universe before Disney took an axe to it all and said only the movies and everything thing they do counts. And the books’ authors throw in lots of details for fans to argue about, but the main premise is still the same whether it happened all at once or half here & half there…Virus------>reboot.