Anyone else think since Thunder got a new alt, so should all the other fighters?

I really like the new Thunder alt, but I can’t help but think “Why is he getting one and not the other fighters?”. I mean, most people approved of Thunder’s more believable and culturally-sensitive redesign in 2013 so it is not like it was necessary to go the extra mile and give him this new alt.

It is very cool of IG to do it, but I just feel the other fighters deserve the same level of support with getting new alts as well.

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well Thunder has always had a bit of controversy behind his design. People have thought that he was not culturally accurate, so it makes sense that he of all characters would recieve a redesign.

What’s to say that that’s not already the plan ? For all we know all the season 1 characters may be getting new costumes.


He was redesigned in 2013… and it was given overwhelming approval by people. I would understand if there were still people unsatisfied (and maybe there are a handful) but it certainly isn’t necessary to give an alt that acts as another redesign that is more respectful to Native Americans.

What I am saying is his design has been more than acceptable for 3 years, so unless everyone is getting an alt I just feel like it is giving extra attention to one character when all the other fighters deserve it

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Well certainly not the developers, they have not suggested anything like that. They made it seem like Thunder was a special scenario. We can’t assume all the other fighters will get one as well

Agreed, we can’t assume either way is my point.

As was said above, Thunder was complained about a lot so it explains, if only him why him, or if more are to come why Thunder first. If they do do more, I would suspect Wulf and Orchid would be the next two in line as their retros were also complained about a lot. I’m not getting my hopes up though.

They created the previous Thunder look with support from the Nez Perce tribe (hope I wrote it right). Now the only reason I can think of for them to go back and consult with the tribe (besides them obviously being awesome people), is if they needed new advice for…Eagle!! And why not make a new Thunder skin while they are at it, right?


Makes sense, i thought about that the other day too but completely forgot. Getting old, lol.

I personally think this is a test, and the first of several ALT costumes. I do not believe every character will get one, but the original 8 characters from the classic KI have a high opportunity to get on e of these ALTs in my opinion.
I actually thought Killgore was the ALT costume for Fulgore…but I was way wrong! lol

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I don’t think ALL the characters should get a new alt. Thunder’s retro alt was a special case, so him getting a new one like this makes sense. I just hope he has a feather mohawk accessory with that costume. ^^

However, I DO think some of the retro alts need a touch-up. Especially Season 1’s retros, such as Jago’s, Orchid’s and ESPECIALLY Sabrewulf’s. Fulgore’s could be a bit slimmer, but otherwise it’s fine, imo.

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Before we can even talk about all the characters getting alternates we should be asking for omen and shago to be at the same level with the rest of the cast cosmetically. I love thunders new costume but I really feel it would be fair if those two got equal treatment before the rest of the cast gets a third costume.


He looks awesome but didn’t change radically to me from 2013
I love his hair most!

Yes I volunteer to consult with high tech spy agents to construct a new sleek Orchid costume with ponytail and full sleek bodysuit to best represent her character.

The unnecessary goggles, ■■■■■ pack and chafing shorts will be replaced by bond style/ avenger/catwomwn references , convincing hair rigs and new actual light sabers for the retro instead of general foam pool sticks

Just kidding

I would love for every character to get new costumes. But I don’t think we will want to limit them by saying “no candy unless you bring enough for the whole class.” This outfit for Thunder seems like a special project and that’s great.


Of course. Be awesome to see an alt costume of Riptor as a dragon or something, lol.

They explained it on the video on the main page. Originally the partnership was more Nez Perce sent over a bunch of stuff, Microsoft threw it in, and Nez Perce signed off on it even though MS got some stuff wrong (i.e. wearing the ceremonial headdress into battle). So with “Classic” Thunder being more of an Indian Outlaw, there was a window to add a third “Warrior” costume that was designed by the Nez Perce themselves, and Microsoft took it. I think it’s admirable and the new version is sick.

I’m not sure what redesign to give the other characters.

People didn’t like his retro. This is more faithful

The fact that this costume exists and has a unique slot gives me hope! There’s an endless number of possibilities to cover. KI2 Wulf, Traditional Tusk, Funerary Hisako, etc.

Thunder was obviously first priority, since it was a big thank you to the Nez Perce (and the release fell right around the solstice! Awesome timing!), but since we asked for more customization options in the survey I have a feeling they’ve been listening.

I think it’s a good story for sure - and it does suggest that there isn’t a plan to generate new outfits for all the characters. And I’m okay with that too. But I think I would definitely encourage them to look at where there are opportunities and take them, for sure. I remain baffled by the lack of accessories tying in to other franchises etc.

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You are right in your sentiments. And it probably has to do with the fact that Ken Lobb voices Thunder.