Anyone else sad about the mimic Cinder change?

They got rid of the orange flames that made the costume unique and made them green. I personally spent KI gold on it because I liked the orange on green and now it looks almost the same as the base green colors.

Without going overboard I just want to say how frustrating it is having something you payed money for changed to look like something that you already have.

Luckily I used the gold I got from the ultra edition and you can even get gold for free from SL now but its still very annoying.


No, I think it looks much better honestly.

I agree with @xCrimsonLegendx - I prefer consistency (although, I admit, he does have a lot of green and purple now).

Cinder already has 2 default Green colors. Why couldn’t the Mimic skin be different? I’m disappointed as well.


I’m upset about the change. Concerned that Cinder’s Blue/Red Color 10 will be changed for the same reason.

I’m also very upset about this change.

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I think I’d have preferred if they’d changed the “fire color” flames to the red ones in the Shadow Lords image. Having a nice red plasma would’ve been cooler than the default flames we had.
Though it does add a bit of monotony, I think I prefer the new style over the old. I just think that the multicolored Cinder options could be handled better depending on what colors are there in the future.

I’m disappointed. The two-tone color was really cool, and most of the best colors in the game are two-tone.

Why they would change it to just be a very slightly different shade of green than his regular green color is beyond crazy to me.

Please change it back.

  • Return to Green body, Orange Flames
  • Keep as is

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  • I am a Cinder player
  • I am not a Cinder player

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(Yes the second poll matters)

What if I’m trying to learn Cinder?

I think I’d like the mimic to be multicolored, but I think I’d want a different color besides the default orange flames.


Yea super disappointed in this… Looks way too much like just the normal green skins. Plus the mimic art still shows it red flames. Please change it back!


I’m surprised that so many people are disappointed. It made zero sense why his body would be composed of green fire and he’d have tacky orange flames on top of them. Visually to me anyway it looks a thousand times better, completely and utterly improved.

Remember, a flame isn’t completely 1 color, it has different areas of color.

Perhaps but Cinder’s colors looked garish. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didnt vote, since I want the red flames as mentioned above :sunglasses:

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Aww they did!? that sucks! I loved the orange and green flames! it looked AMAZING and so interesting. Now it’s the same as one of the green cinders now :<

Oh well.

It doesn’t have to be the orange flames, just don’t make it all one color.

I really liked the old two-tone skin, paid gold for it to get it as fast as possible. It gave Cinder a costume option with some nice colour variety, which he kind of lacks especially when compared to the rest of the cast (as I find that his obsidian accessory sets all look pretty terrible on the majority of his non-similar colours, and a portion of his other accessories are a boring brown or grey).
It also made the fired-up state fairly obvious, as a bonus.
He already has 2 standard green colours and a few darker colours; his mimic skin redesign doesn’t distinguish itself very well imo.

The mimic portrait in Shadow Lords mode looks great with the crimson flames. I was a little disappointed that the original mimic skin wasn’t quite the same, more so now that it’s nothing like it at all.
If those crimson flames were added, we could all add accessories and be sporting lovely RGB Cinders.