Anyone else not like the last character someome was and what level they are with them?

So many people back out vs the characters i use ans they say it’s because they hate that character so basically there cherry picking oppenents

I haven’t had that happen to me much. Were you playing in ranked or exhibition? I’ve occasionally had the opponent rage quit after losing the first match of a set or just give up and let me go bannanas on them to get it over with, but not so much with the dropping out after the VS screen.

If they are on Ranked and doing that, then let them. I love sore loser quits. I can’t call them rage quits, because to me it has nothing to do with rage, but everything to do with being a sore loser.

Let them cherry pick, it will cost them alot of rank points to do it.


Lucky me, I don’t run into such folks (at least not often).
Good thing too. I have ALL of the characters to 50, so I’d be really lonely if I did :confused:

I don’t think there’s a ton of harm in it, but I’m sure the counter-picking can get old.

Yep, this happens to me a fair amount in exhibition, it’s usually qualifiers, so when I get someone that accepts the fight, it’s pretty much 50/50 as to whether they’re actually a qualifier or somebody who has recently requalified, as such this can open a whole world of pain when I run into a secret Killer rank!

I haven’t seen this too much with higher (visible) ranks, they’re usually more than happy to give me a whooping, only very occasionally have I seen one quit on the vs screen.

You know, sometimes I feel like there should be some indicator on your profile card that tells the opponent what your highest rank achieved is, so when someone requalifies and gets in let’s say bronze tier, you can tell if they’ve been in the killer tier before. It doesn’t have to be much, just a little square or something colored like their highest rank.

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Yeah, I kind of agree with that. But there’s no real way to stop “smurfing.” People will get on their little brothers account, borrow one from a cousin, make up a new one. I’m not sure why people get pleasure out of lying, but they will consistently do it. I guess there are plenty of people who just want to win every round rather than fight good matches…

Indeed, the best matches are the ones where you’re knocking each other back & forth to where you’re both in danger and you each try to both stay calm and position yourself to get that last combo in, but then you get broke and you manage to jerk out a couple of quick jabs that you carry over into a combo and then an ultra…those are the best.


That would be nice, but as @BigBadAndy said, if people actively want to deceive others, they’ll find a way around any system put in place to carry on with the deception, regardless even of game type.

I think even refusal to play ranked could create the same kind of effect, I haven’t played ranked since I hit Silver, because, for one, ranked is aggro and for two, I still get spanked as much as I give out spankings and I don’t really feel I belong with the Golds and the Killers up there, but I’ve seen level 1 qualifiers that are absolutely godlike, so they are either the fastest learners in history or may have played the game one or two times before…

It happens a lot in exhibition to me. And it happened once on character select before a ranked match. They’re Qualifier level 50, I’m Killer level 50. “Opponent has left the lobby.” I assume they’re overestimating my skill because of the color of my gamer tag.

If they removed the last character thing and only showed it before match loads or just above the life bar kinda like how the icon thing is that would be fine. But im exhibition when we run into someone we shouldnt see they were who ever last and what level

Causes to many people back out because they suck vs certain characters

To solve this in Exhibition , as Ive requested several times, they need to change the Search format to begin with current tier and end with current tier. Currently its lowest to highest.

Most of these players are jumping in and hitting search with the criteria of qualifier to killer…then they get a match with a Killer and back out…Wasting everyone’s time. If the search bar started with Qualify to Qualify this wouldn’t be a problem.

If they want to branch out they can change it… so can we. Id rather change it than deal with back outs…Ive had 5 in a row before…I just said F it and left Exibiton.

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