Anyone else having XBL issues?

My Xbox says it’s connected to the internet, it loads messages, friends, and profiles fine but not the store or any of the ads. I ran the mutliplayer test and it says that everything is working but when I try to play KI online I get a “privilege denied” message. Just checking if it’s an XBL issue or something else.

I had the same type of message. Figured maybe my gold ran out so I tried to use a 2 day gold trial code and it said my account already had gold? So I made a new account with 2 day code and both accounts were able to play online. I haven’t tried to play any other game so I’m not sure if it was me or the game. Either way noob accounts are fun, made it to killer with my 2 day pass. If its KI’s problem please fix your game.

Just tested all 3 modes. Im fine. My xbox has been on for over 12 hours though, so its slightly possible that i may have a different game/console state than you.

It was giving me the message ever since s3 dropped. Also in my 2 day run to killer I got maybe 10 or so achievements for characters I don’t even own and have never played. Something’s not right.

It’s okay now but I had the same issue yesterday.

I got this too once I just restarted my console and it was fine after.