Anyone else having a hard time getting a linker after M Auto-Double?

I don’t know why, but anytime I try doing a linker after medium auto-doubles, the combo just drops and leaves me vulnerable for a good couple of seconds while I wonder why it happens.

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Can you post a video of it occurring with input display on?

His combo timing is a little funky but I haven’t experienced dropped linkers.

I have this problem too, but with just about any of his auto doubles that aren’t light or medium punches. His timing does seem to be a bit different than most.

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No problems here… maybe what you are seeing isnt an auto double at all? But the remaining hits of the bear hug?

Raam is perfect for Combo assist IMO

I do notice the general not always doing the combo how I want it, cant really describe it though since all that fighting mumbo jumbo doesnt stay in my head :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

However its not such a big deal as TJ Combo, since he always starts that stupid barrage when I just want to build my combo…

I can confirm this. Sometimes, sometimes–mind you, after an medium auto double, when you try to medium quarter circle forward M, he won’t do it and the combo is cancelled. I can’t Remember if it affects weak punch, and hard generally works without a hitch, but medium has a problem.