Anyone else failing to reach matchmaking servers?

Not sure if its just me or not since my internet has been borked the last month or so but can’t get online ranked today what so ever, anyone else having this issue? my guess is probably xbox live! is yet again down.

I had issue via xbox one but not PC.

I cleared the mac address (incase somethign there) and did a full reset on system and matchmaking worked.

I had the same issue before.

Hard reset your Xbox every time you wanna play online.

If the problem is not solved; re-install the game.

naw i fixed it last weak on my pc been able to play

Same thing here, wanted to play a few matches before work. Exhibition is working though, oddly enough.

What did you do to fix it?

I’m at the end of my rope here. I spent 4 hours with Microsoft support today for them to tell me that I’d exhausted their troubleshooting steps and it must be something with my ISP. My ISP said, “Well if it’s only the one thing that’s not working, there’s nothing we can do to help you”. So basically I’ve exhausted my support options and still can’t play KI online. It worked the day I installed the damn thing, but never since then :frowning:

July 7th… still can’t find anyone in any match making of any rank.

out of interest, what are you xbox NAT settings? could be an isp issue aswell, when i was with virgin I couldn’t game at all without it breaking on me.

Not sure. Sorry, using PC. Tested performance no problem. Have good internet. Turned off win 10 virus blocker and still nada.

You could try this, no idea if it will actually work, but on your router port forward the xbox live port numbers to your PC and see if that works. Since the game uses xbox live services it could work who knows.


yes i am having this problem with the windows 10 version and its not working online at all except the shadow labs if anyone has a way to fix this please help i have even reinstalled my OS and still nothing Microsoft support told me its a server side issue