Anyfavor for PC users?

okay we know there is no way to release definitive edition for pc. I know a lot people play on PC . So is there anyfavor for PC Users ? i would like to buy Supreme edition but unfortunately Shadow Jago not part of the bundle. I recently found KI on windows 10 this game is amazing i would like to buy retail version but its not “cross-buy” about definitive edition. I hope KI staff do us a favor about that add Shadow Jagon to Supreme Edition Bundle or good discounted prices Definitive Edition for pc.
p.s.:sry for my bad englando.

@rukizzel if you can please reply :slight_smile: i need this great game as full version.

If they can some how make the definitve edition downloadable it might be good way to help resolve that issue

i ensure all of you. please lets make it happend a lot pc user will buy this game

wasn’t it announced that the definitive edition will also be available as a digital version? so even if you can’t buy it from the ingame menu, you should be able to get if rom the xbox store which should activate the content in the PC version. I’m also a PC player and actually waiting for the definitive edition to get into the game. any clarification about the issue would be helpful.