Any updates?


Found it - sort of. Looks like they moved some things in their code, and we need to upgrade the forums to catch up!


Yea the site did get a version refresh today IIRC. May have something to do with it.


It wasn’t just today though. Its been a while since those numbers went away. End of Jan, start of Feb maybe.


That’s exactly when.

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So this is something you will potentially do during April when Forum Upgrades happen?


I already started to check in. The hope is that this is something that can be done overnight. Will let you know!


Hey Rukari, any update on this? It’d be nice to see our total post count, likes given and likes received.

I’m sure ya’ll are busy with E3 stuff and other stuff and lots of stuff in general. Just thought I’d ask. :slight_smile:


Updates? This was done nearly 2 months ago.


Ah sorry! Didn’t check under summary before posting that. I see it all now. Thanks man!