Any top Shago players to keep an eye out for?

Still little time passed since his release, but are there any good Shago players worth checking out? Especially tournament players if you know any…I will try to find them on Youtube, twitch…

I haven’t seen many top players use shago in a serious manner. It’s probably due to the fact that the World Cup is coming up and they’re fine tuning their mains.

I’m by no means a top tier player, but my shago is ranked 14 in the world. I’ll gladly spar with you and show what I can.


Thanks, that’s very kind. And impressive too!
Quick question, do you also have footage of yourself online?

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to upload my clips up here. If I did, I’d record some tense battles I’ve been having. I’ve managed to get a couple of victories on the top 32 since his release. In the meantime, you can add me and watch whatever I record? I know, it’s an odd compromise. GT: duhgerman

Sounds good. I will add you. I almost exclusively play Aria myself.

I forgot who it was, but someone used him in the most recent top 32 tournament. I think it was Rebelo? If you watch it you should see it but it’s not really anything overly crazy that makes you think about the way you play him differently.

Rico Suave Has A Pretty Good Shago…He Has Footage On YouTube.