Any tips to help?

I’m finding this character terribly annoying and just getting away with lots of gimmicks.

From run cancels into something to just simple run into throws (which I have to guess) they don’t struggle much to get in. Then you have to deal with hard knock down flame carpet mixups. Throws and throws and runs and random tail flips.

I remember finding ways to deal with this character in the lab, but I can’t deal with the crazyness and randomess of the players TBH. And when I break they just keep on abusing Wulf neg frames, so I’m under pressure over again.

So, what do you suggest in this MU?. How can stop this strategy from this nutty Riptors?
Maybe I should start shadow countering more, but they throw way too much and no wake up shadow during her pressure hurts.
Also wasting my shadow just for wake ups or to get away from pressure hurts my overall damage during combos.

Please, don’t tell me “use Jago” (I might consider it though…)

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Ive had issues lately with some Riptors. It used to not be a problem but there are a few running around out there right now that are tricky. I cant get over their head becasue they do that tail anti air thing. If they get to close the pressure is immense and even if I block it all out they get me on a throw that you cant react to.
And to top it off that dammnn tail flip cross up cancel out of now where…ugh.

I just keep re matching until I start to figure it all out. Some days I come out on top and most I dont.
But thats with Omen so I cant say much to using Wulf but I feel your pain.


Mash jab to beat tail flip - don’t try to block it if you can’t seem to do it.

For Maru, I think learning to shadow counter really is the most important thing in this MU. Riptor has a bevy of frame traps that are quite hard to get away from, and you need SC’s keep them honest and make them put real gaps in there. Sometimes you’ll guess wrong and waste the meter, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Ditto for using shadow eclipse.

Basically, use your meter to “bust out” from under pressure, and make sure you make the most of your offensive opportunities. I personally think of the Riptor fight as just a pure battle of who can do the most damage the fastest - I can’t successfully defend against most of that crap, so it’s just a question of if I can hit them for worse before they do the same to me.


WHen you say mash jab that means standing jab correct? I have a BAD HABIT of crouching jab only. I guess its a habit of crouch blocking and it turns into crouch jabbing.
Ill work on standing jabs and kick more often. IM wondering if standing LK would catch riptors flip and …flip him out?

The fix on Sabrewulf’s breaker makes this better. About reacting her running throw/ fire when far away I labbed it more and it’s no more a problem.
Shadow countering works very nice when they aren’t throwing after every jab o if you get to block the overhead (in resets or pressure) is a good punish.
Though I found ways to deal with that character’s crazyness doesn’t mean the match is easier, but ay least I won’t fall so easy for her shenanigans. Now it’s only up to how good is the player to give me trouble. Same as Glacius. No one plays the same, but not even close.

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Yeah, stand jab.

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