Any tips on how to play against Tusk with Sadira?

Meanie Tusk of Doom. I don’t seem to be able to jump around near him without getting a huge sword planted in my face. Nor using Widow’s Bite or Web Cling without getting punished by his sword most of the time. And there’s not much point in playing Sadira if I am forced to stay on the ground as I feel I am. Or I just need to be more careful in the air?

How do you deal with Tusk as Sadira?

Do you think it is good to have more than one character for some bad, or seemingly bad match-ups? Or stick with one?

You can jump around near tusk if you time it right. I had a great Sadira doing her normal cross up double jump the other day. There is also a sweet spot where she can double jump at long range avoiding his sword and throwing out her daggers.

It’s going to be a very different fight for Sadira than her usual for sure. But she is not as bad on the ground as you might think.

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