Any SF6 Players in Here?

Any SF6 Players in Here? I’ve been playing Cammy.

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I have it, but I haven’t gotten to play it much. I hope to change that soon, especially since I kinda want to give Halo a break.

Yesh I’ve been playing SF6 though I’ve been focusing only on the story mode.

It’s fun. Blanka is my go to in the game.

I’ve been dabbling but haven’t had any real time getting into it. Also… HEEEEEYYYYYYYY!!! Long time no see!!!

Possible Sadira buffs incoming!

Hey! I’m always around. I don’t have a lot of hope for this incoming patch. The way I see it is that they’ll nerf all the really busted stuff, like Rash, etc, and maybe adjust some frames—nothing of consequence. So I’m not too hyped over it. If they ever announce a new KI… and Sadira is in the cast, then I’ll be excited.
However, it would be nice to see a KI tournament and see someone rocking Sadira again. Why play her when you have Rash.

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There are a few Sadira mains that still rock her. Saltgod, Samuel D, and Zenkai use her, but it is a struggle. Hopefully there will be a shake up. :slight_smile: :smiley:

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