Any SEA players on Killer Instinct?

Just wanted to know if theres anyone from the SEA region or round here that plays killer instinct. Im from Malaysia and thought maybe I could find some people to add and play with! Cause matchmaking seems to give me matches with some pretty high latency.(not to mention super long wait times…)

Not sure if it counts, but I’m from India.

Well thats close enough! I opened up this thread to see if there was anyone I could play with. Cause sitting in the matchmaking (exhibition) took me like. 20-30 minutes to find a game!

It really depends on the time of day. I am in Asia/Japan and I can find a lot of matches at certain hours of the day, and then absolutely nothing during other parts of the day…

Are you japanese?

No, not at all, just working there temporarily :slight_smile: And when I have time I play fighting games or interview Japanese FG players (you can check out my articles with Japanese players on this forum. just type in “Japanese scene” in the search bar)

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That’s great man. How is the Japanese KI scene?

just sent you a PM with my intro on the KI scene in Japan. As to not derail this thread :wink:

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Well its great to know theres at least some SEA guys playing. I was searching for a match in the afternoon and still there was no one! I had one game which was super laggy and it disconnected. and the other one was just kinda weird chunky connection…Maybe I just had bad luck?