Any Raleigh NC players?

Thinking about hosting a local KI tournament, but not sure how the fighting game scene is here. Most likely will have $10 fee, double elimination, and award cash prizes for the top 3 from the prize pool. Who would be interested?

Heh. Back when I was still in college at State, absolutely would’ve been game.

Unfortunately that was 10 years ago and now I live in Connecticut. :sweat_smile: Best of luck in setting this up though!

Where are you planning on hosting it

I was thinking of renting out a community center near State

not bad

Just moved away from Raleigh :frowning: what’s your GT?

SmashBro32 like my profile name.

Hey Bro32! I’ve been looking for other players as well. Do you have a location yet? Have you found any other players?