Any purpose to playing Ranked match if it causes nothing but frustration

I am a very frequent player of the game and I have been around since about December. As someone who has been playing fighting games since 2010, I must ask as someone who wishes to take the game seriously and to have as much fun as possible.

Is there any reason to play ranked match besides top 32? And possible points for KIWC?

It has caused me nothing but frustration when I fight people who I know I can beat, but I couldn’t. And that I will basically never fight them ever again after losing. I never disrespect anyone, but I unfortunately have to confess that I have rage quit a couple times because I had been spending an hour being totally frustrated.

I feel that maybe I shouldn’t waste my time with ranked match anymore and just look to playing exhibition and lobbies from now on, as I feel they are much healthier environments and don’t get me angry as much because I get to try and try again.

Just lately, ranked match has been getting to me and causing me to slam fists on tables and such, so I just want to hear from you guys.

Is it even worth it? Does ranked match teach you anything? Because I feel it doesn’t.

I really just wanna hear the thoughts of other frustrated players/pro players who have an opinion on ranked match.


Nope. I stay with exhibition. Every once in a while I’ll go to Ranked, to level up. I’m 20 and 1 there, but I don’t like 2 rds and done. Rather stick to exhibition where I learn more going longer rounds, and not as much saltiness either (although there’s still alot of it).

Something that I hate about KI right now is that the opponents gamer tag isn’t visible after defeat so that I could send him a message after for a rematch. Also the Xbox dash that shows recent players updates to slow and at times have noticed it takes up to like 6 minutes for the player I just played to show up.


On the other hand, not only do you get a best of three set in Gold and higher, Ranked emulates the tournament experience better - you go into pools, come up against someone you haven’t played before, play a couple quick games and you’re done. If you don’t adapt on the fly, you’re in losers or out of the tournament, and it doesn’t matter that you think you could’ve won. You didn’t.


It’s my opinion:

-Matches that includes serious stuffs.
==>I mean, peeps who does ranked knows that the winner gets points to rank up, so they play seriously.
-At almost every match, i learn some new stuffs (new manuals/combos etc.)
==>As i said early in another thread: “you can learn a lot while losing, as you you can earn a lot while winning.”

-Some matches will be frustrated when you can see someone YOU KNOW you’re better than him winning against you.
-Some matchs-ups are…unbalanced (I’m a Killer and sometimes, i encounter Silver/qualifiers…)

I used mostly Ranked when i want to improve myself as a confirmed character.
I used Exhibition to try something new that i saw in ranked x).

That’s my opinion.

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I hear you. I suppose it just depends how much you care about reaching the Killer tier, and achievements.

I enjoy exhibition far more for the reasons previous posters have stated, but am currently looking to earn the “win 20 ranked match” achievements for all the season 2 and 3 characters that I’ve not yet got it with.

Am always happy to throw down some exhibition sets wth you if the ranked malarkey is getting you down.

The only other reason I can see other than the aforementioned would be achievements, which imho should be changed to “complete 20 ranked matches” (win or lose) as opposed to the current system of “win 20 ranked matches” with each character, which just makes it worse.

I understand your frustration.

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I like the variety of competition to be honest. People need to keep in mind that it isn’t as simple as someone beating you or you beating them. It’s typically a mix of things that both players did or didn’t do that determines a match’s outcome. I enjoy how fluid skill and execution can be in any given match/set. A lot can be said for experience too.

Ranked affords us an opportunity to approximate the 2/3 tourney setting - it trains us to make quick adjustments in a short set.

Other than that - Ranked is pretty much what you make of it.

I play more Exhibition than ranked though - because 2/3 is still possible there (given your opponent sticks around for the 2nd and/or 3rd match), 3/5 is also possible (once again predicated on opponent compliance), and FT5/FT10/Longer set play is also possible, all within the same mode.

Occasionally (usually in odd times of the day) I have trouble finding an opponent in Exhibition (or find nothing but LVL1 - 10 players trying the game out), I’ll hit the Ranked search just to keep matches on my plate.

But I think the other underlying factor here is frustration - which is a demon we all face, and has nothing to do with a mode. Any one of us are capable of getting frustrated in any mode. We all gotta work on our #ZenMode! It’s one of the challenges inherent in this genre - the more relaxed we are, the better decisions/reads we make; but the more challenging/unpredictable our opponent becomes, the easier it is to allow frustration to cloud our judgment.

@BrandXplus - you play whatever mode you feel is giving you the most benefit/providing you the most education as a player! Frustration is natural - don’t let it get you depressed :smiley:


What I usually do after an intense respectful match, is open up my smart glass app on my phone. You can go to recent players there, and send them a message or add them. It’s available for IOS and android.


If it bothers you that much then you need to stay away from it. go to EX or Shadow lab or lobbies with friends. Its not worth it to be mad all the time. I myself have gotten mad many times and it put a strain on my family as I would end up being grumpy towards the kids or my fiancee.
Its just not worth it.

I come and go into Ranked when I feel positive and if I loose and feel the frustration coming on…I leave ranked and either go to another mode or stop the game all to together.

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I personally think Ranked is better for honing play if you’re truly trying to be competitive. I always tell new players (but particularly Hisako players) that I think playing Ranked is super important for improving one’s ability to develop a read quickly. You’re faced with a huge variety of characters and playstyles playing Ranked relative to any other mode, and this variety is good for building adaptability. As a Hisako player, I think that adaptability is probably the most important skill you can develop.

Once you get to a certain point on adaptability though, running long sets with very good players is probably more important than playing Ranked. It is important to do these kinds of sets because it will help familiarize you with some of the grimier setups and mixups that are out there. But unless you have consistent access to those high quality players I tend to think that Exhibition is similar to the crapshoot you get playing Ranked. Unless you find that person who’s right at your level or slightly better, you’re not really going to learn all that much from running a FT10. It’s also important to make sure you periodically check back in on Ranked - long sets teach you to fight a particular player and his style over a significant number of games; this is not at all the experience you’re going to find in tournament.

But one thing I would caution against is the mindset of “I know I’m better than/can beat X person”, at least if your goal is competitive play. You are only as good as your play - if you lose, then it is because you were outplayed and deserved to lose. It’s important to be able to say “I lost and was outplayed - how should I modify my play so that I don’t get outplayed again?” I went 2-2 at Winter Brawl, which means I tied for 13th I think. On the match that put me out, playing against a really good Sadira, I basically lost over a missed meaty and a whiffed counter breaker. I’ve played him before and since then and have both beaten and lost to him. If it’s a shorter set I will tend to beat him. It doesn’t matter - the only thing that matters is that when it counted I lost that set 1-2, and I lost because on that day he was better than me. Sure, I missed that meaty and whiffed that single counter breaker, but at the end of the day I lost because I was outplayed. He made the better reads and executed on them better than I did in that set, and I have to hold that and just learn from the experience.

All that said, the purpose of a game is to have fun. If Ranked is just absolutely not any fun for you whatsoever, then maybe you shouldn’t be playing it. I do think there’s a competitive benefit to playing Ranked, but I don’t see much point in competing in a game if the process isn’t fun for you. Ultimately, it’s just a question of what do want to get out of the game.

Apologies for the length of this post - maybe one day I’ll learn to be concise :joy:


Uggh, love this dude.

I’m about to make a “Tao of STORM179” e-book.

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If you are getting that frustrated just take a break. That is what I did. I had a few days where I was just not doing good, and by that I mean I felt like I was playing worse than what I usually do and am capable of and it was really getting to me, so I have taken like a 2/3 day break just to chill and ease up a little bit lol

Well I want to be super competitive, but I prefer exhibition because I can learn from longer sets.

Ranked is filled with disrespectful people, teabaggers and just frustration lol

I don’t want to completely give up on ranked, but I should not go to it as often as I was. I should definitely do exhibition 90% more.

Getting disrespected as Hisako is a special kind of disappointment, haha…

“I came here prepared to play a proper game of neutral… I put on my best damned dinner dress and put these flowers on my Naginata… and you choose to behave like THIS?”



It’s very inappropriate for her :C The girl worked so hard too

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But the disrespect is a thousand time worse in exhibition, at least in my experience. People will beat you, teabag, and then refuse a rematch. At least in ranked their forced to fight you one more time.

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I guess I haven’t experienced that yet. Most of the people I played were very nice and willing to rematch as long as we go.

Eh, it’s hit or miss. There are one-chancers, two-chancers, and people who will leave as soon as they finally take a match, along with your usual assortment of rage quitters and people who just decide “eff it, I’ve lost this one” and stop playing.

There are plenty of nice people, mind you. But that “Exhibition is Infested with Jerks” thread came from somewhere. :-p