Any plans to release a session 2 disc?

I wish to see retail session 1 and 2 in one disc.
Because the systems changes to come in season 3.
And for me, season 2 have a great balance in all characters.
When season 3 arrives, probably in march, i buy it.
but some combo mechanics probably change in that season.
I wish to preserve this seasons to play with my friends in xbox one (a homemade arcade machine)
But i wish to play the new system changes in my pc.
When season 3 arrive, and we make the mandatory actualization in xbox , in that point we dont have return to season 2 balance and season 2 balance lost forever…
i only ask, because i am a big killer instinct fan.

Even if you had such a disk, you might still need to download a mandatory update before you could play it.

it means season 2 balance be lost forever in march.
sad, because i love the game as is now…

You can still keep S2, you just never have to never connect to the internet ever again. It’s funny, the Xboxes at this small little gaming place near my house still have S1.

Yes, true, but what new users, ?
I ask: it’s possible to add (like in mkx )
three styles of characters in a final season?
jago season 1 combo style (instinct health original but nerfed regen )
jago season 2 combo style (instinct health regen fixed)
jago season 3 combo style (fake endokuken and big endokuken)
will be a great solution i think.

I wouldn’t like to see this in a tournament setting due to balancing issues but it would still be cool to get the option of picking S1/S2/S3 versions of characters like how USF4 did, once KI is essentially completed, whenever that may be. Probably would be a lot of work if they haven’t been planing on it tho and each season added new mechanics as well so it might be tricky to implement.



make it happen MS!!!

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i want the same!!! but with a disc inside !!! xd

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Now that would be awesome!!! they need to put together a 3 book set with all 3 seasons… no reason why they cant have a S3 book ready by this fall, everything is pretty much done if i had to guess. the S1 book came out before Fulgore was even released so its possible sooner than later.

@TempusChaoti Hey Adam, can we please get a S2 -3 Ultra fan book??? I absolutely love the S1 Ultra fan book and I know everyone that has bought one loved it as well. We need this in our lives!!! Its just another revenue stream for you to make money off KI!! Take my money!!!