Any other HitBox users out there? (Input problems since update)

For my fellow hitbox users, have you noticed any problems with inputs? In particular the Dragon Punch motion, F,D,DF. It worked flawlessly before the update and works like it should in all other games but I cannot get it to come out in S3. I am using a padhacked (xone pad) FYI. Again, i’ve never had issues before and it’s definitely not the stick.

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I’ll go ahead and test it when I get home, this does sound like a problem indeed.

You try it out BrandX?

Any other hitbox users have this problem??

I use a hitbox, I have had no issues performing dps.

I’ll try it out later tonight, I’ve been playing fine on PC KI, but I use Omen, so no DP motion, I also have a padhacked hitbox. I’ll be sure to report back.

One idea would be to turn on the input display, to see what the game is seeing…

its strange in KI, i have to press F, D, DF and have to hold the D and F keys to do consistant DP’s. as opposed to something like SFV

It’s tricky there has to be a balance. Like if you’re walking forward with orchid and you want to go into low slide, you don’t want to accidentally DP

tested on PC and XBOX this morning (with a custom padhacked hitbox) and DP was fine from all direction, during combo, alone, etc… I made sure I could do 10 in a row on both sides of each strength, and three in a row as a combo ender. So, for my end S3 didn’t break hitbox DP.