Any new Omen Tech?

I know there are already Omen Tech threads, but they are very old, and most of them only have a few pieces of information, all of which has not really held up over time.

I understand omen has “potential”, but does he have ANYTHING concrete? I would argue and say that he has a few moves that are actually USELESS.

For example, his launcher ender does 6% less damage at level 4 than his Furious Flurry ender. After the launch, there are NO juggles, EVEN USING INSTINCT AND SHADOW METER, that can give you that 6% damage, or launch the opponent backwards as far as the Furious Flurry ender. The old tech used to be that you get a level 4 launcher ender, then use his air HK to send the opponent flying to the corner. But that actually launches the opponent just as far as the Furious Flurry ender, and leaves you even farther from the opponent, so you cant get any setups off of it.

His Shadow Rashakuken also is useless. Its punishable at mid screen by most of the cast, and gives you less follow up opportunities than regular rashakuken. (i wont explain every situation, but just trust me). The best tech using Shadow rasha Is a 2 bar reset mixup that is VERY hard to block. But that is also useless, because it ONLY works if the opponent blocks. A poke, throw, or jump ruins it. and even if it hits, because of damage scaling, you can only get around 10% more damage in the combo than you could before. If you instead use the bars to do shadow slide or shadow flurry on lock out, you get MUCH more damage.

Does anyone have anything USEFUL for this character? Or should i just pray that he gets an overhaul for Season 3?

My tech is simply get in… use nothing but manuals if possible…unload all shadow stocks available in shadow linker and don’t use any Ads…nothing but manuals. This allows me to get the lock out, unload shadow, and as soon as the lock out ends I use manuals to lock them back out and finish with Flurry ender
I also rotate this out with demon loop to lock there meter out after I manual and get a lock out

I try to stay back and let them approach and hit em with a hvy roundhouse anti air… and balance that between rushing in with rashikuken covering me in the 3 different way- regular- shadow- or orda sheild

I use speed to my advantage and now and then when they arent expecting it the Shadow tele when up close.

Also dont hesitate to use instinct as it gives you 2 frames adavantage and locks out there shadow meter when Rashikukens hit

The only thing i can think that im missing with Omen is Instinct-only-block-strings. But with no over-head, there isn’t anything special you can do. and most of his tools are easily shadow counterable, so that wont work on high level players. TheNinjaOstrich already found good shadow counter spots in our first game.

lock his meter out and he cant shadow counter

whats a manual lol x

gotta get in first silly :smile:

actually, I have found a pretty solid use of his juggle ender. At level 1, do a sweep immediately after the juggle and it will connect and result in a hard knockdown. then, dash in and jump forward, then immediately air dash backwards. then you can either do an air attack (resulting in an overhead) or do an empty jump with a low or even a grab. I can tell you I have actually gotten people with empty jump demonic despair and it is glorious.
As for shadow Rashokuken, I like to end the juggle ender with light orda shield canceled into shadow rashokuken then proceed with standard aerial mix ups. I could go for a cross-up, I could do an aerial back-dash into an overhead, or the empty jumps mentioned earlier. Omen is more competent than most people give him credit for. However, He will probably get some sort of change because of just how many people don’t like him (Omen is actually one of my two mains).

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you lock it out by instinct and hit em with a rashekuken

or use any of the other methods i listed above

it takes practice…Omen isnt a character you can just pick up and beat Ninja ostrich with with out maining him for along time

your not going to win every match while using Omen…you have to accept that

I dont expect to win all the time. But there’s nothing else i can do with this character. There’s nothing else to learn past the basics. The only room for learning is to find new mix-ups. He has no hidden defense, no hidden damage, no hidden corner carries, no hidden resets, no hidden set-ups (specific to Omen), and no hidden block-strings. The only true top-tier tech i know of is Arganrost’s method of forward jumping and then air back dashing to the ground so fast that you can put overheads into block strings, but that is VERY difficult, especially on a pad (standard controller.)

I disagree…and its actually easier to dash down on a pad than a stick…but i guess its what your used to.

If Omen is tapped out on tech then all characteres are tapped out

You just have to find your own tech and create tech…your not always going to learn it from someone else…be a leader, not a follower…or just dont use him

ive been in the lab for the past three hours looking for SOMETHING to do after his launcher ender. So TRUST me, im trying.

Dont use the launcher ender…I never use it unless Im in the conrer…do a throw, manual med punch into orda ender, then juggle with flurry kicks back off…rashikuken… FWD HP- light pokes - repeat… or instead of pokes med rashikuken… repeat…pressure

But if im not in the corner i dont use order ender…ever…i either use damage endrer or rash ender at the end of a round to build the most meter

But am i wrong for assuming that IG would never make a move totally useless?

Well at one time orda ender was his damage ender…they changed it and swapped it with Flurry ender about 6 months ago. They did this for a reason… they wanted more ppl to use the kick ender because no one was using it.

they wanted to leave order ender as the “set up ender”… they obviously know something…they just dont share these things

maybe Omen is one of the reworks? We will find out soon!

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I am not sure if this is possible but can you do a sweep after the launcher ender? If so you can create a hard knock down.

I don’t know any other manuals except for the easy manual you can get using his throw in the corner.

What are some others?

yes, but if you have to choose between a CHANCE at a hard knock down, or 6% more damage and a corner trap, which would you choose?

Personally,it depends on the situation. I could do the hard knock down and do a mix up leaving me with a mix up for more damage that leads into another hard knock down. You need practice if it is possible and once you do it enough,it isn’t a chance for a hard knockdown but a nearly guarenteed hard knock down. If I can do the hardknock down consistently,I would choose the hard knock down with meter and without meter,I would do the kick ender. It’s 6% and corner carry vs hardknock down with room for setups.

After an opener, after any linker, after shadow linkers…after raashekukens, after the throw in the corner. Just like any character and any manual. You just have to practice the shitt out of them to were they are 2nd nature

Does anybody else get the feeling Omen is going to be one of the two who are getting reworked?