Any LEGO fans on the forums?

Ranging from the original, classic LEGO sets and figurines to the (now) Bionicle, Hero Factory, Ninjago, and Chima sets and figurines? :grin: :smile: :sunglasses: :+1:

You bet, I collected a bunch back in the day, though I lost a lot of them a long time ago. I still have some sets though, like a special R2-D2 unit that is capable of moving independently with a program unit, kind of a prototype of sorts to the mind storms sets. I also have a huge X-Wing model, one of their firehouse sets, a Ghostbusters Ecto-1 model, some bionicles (though they’ve been deconstructed for easier storage). I also have just a ton of regular bricks in general.

Someday, I’d like to try and own a bunch of the legacy sets I could never afford in the day. The large Death Star model, the Lunar Monorail set, every Mind Storm kit imaginable.

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Absolutely. Although i’m More of a licensed themes girl. I also love the LEGO games. (Dimensions is my favorite, I own all the sets).

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Oh you mean actual Legos… yeah I used to be back before all the Movie Tie Ins and whatnot.

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hey, both LEGO movies are really good. Honestly, there’s more in there for adults than there are for kids. And the games may not be innovative, like, at all, but they are at least solid fun in each installment.

I didn’t mean the actual movies themselves.

I’m talking about the Lego Toy Sets based on movie franchises…

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Well. We still disagree. I wouldn’t even buy LEGO if it wasn’t for the licensed sets. I love seeing some of my favorite characters in LEGO form and building iconic vehicles and scenes from pop culture.



  1. Ranging from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter and Avengers?

  2. How about Bionicle and Hero Factory as well as Chima?

  1. Yes to everything but Star Wars. Don’t like Star Wars.
    1.5. Don’t forget DC Comics, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, The Simpson’s, The Incredibles, Doctor Who! Oh my god! It’s all amazing!
  2. Bionicle and Hero Factory are ok, just not my thing. Chima is just a cheep ripoff of Thundercats. Which I would have vastly preferred LEGO sets of.
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I can respect that.

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