Any KI presence at Tokyo Game Show?

Any KI presence at Tokyo Game Show this year? No Riptor pins or anything? Or even better, playable Kim Wu?

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This would make allot of snese. We should be pusging KI in japan!

I doubt it, it’s to early for Kim. Shadow Jago maybe.

Ah yeah, Shadow Jago. Fine alternative. I would settle for that. And, Kim Wu was just a silly joke of mine :wink:

If they do show up at TGS, I think they will have a playable build of Kim Wu. They’re working on her right now, why do you think Shadow Jago is taking so long?

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Even though Microsoft won’t be attending TGS, there is a good chance Madcatz will. Their booth was really packed with attendees last year, especially during the USF4 tournament. Having KI featured again this year would be good exposure.

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The way Japan is so “accepting” of the Xbox, no. Best thing to do is hope KI has some presence at NYCC, because I think convention time is over around this time of year.

I agree on the xbox comment.
At the same time, news at TGS goes all over the world. So it would be good if publisher and devs would be there to show off KI. Any exposure is good, even if it is an updated version of Rash or Shadow Jago.

Well hopefully we get some Season 3 news soon. As much as I am excited for Season 3 and KI on PC I feel like the hype has died down heaps. Remember just over a month ago Season 3 was announced and we got to play Rash immediately? That was awesome.

Hopefully we get some news, or a Textual Stream soon. I miss looking forward to those.

I agree, I’d like to see some news soon.

Of course old news, as MS isn’t at Tokyo Game Show this year as some of you said already.
Earlier this week I realized myself that it’s mostly Sony and other publishers attending TGS.

Therefore, I cancelled my trip this year to TGS as I do not own a PS4. Was really hoping to see some xbox one and maybe some Windows 10 magic on display there, even if the Xbox is having a hard time in Japan.

Winning over new fans is tough it seems but at the same time losing a few hardcore Japanese fans is maybe not so important.