Any idea when patch notes for Nov. 2nd Patch will be out?

Have a feeling i should just goto bed and wait for patch tomorrow. Just excited to see whats new!

I’m sure patch notes will be available later today (3rd), also I wouldn’t expect much out of this update content wise aside from more bug fixes and shadow characters. Kraig however did hint that boosters would finally be making it in the game.

Who knows though perhaps we’ll get some costumes or more surprise accessories or something.

There’s always that 0,8% chance…


[quote=“CrazyLCD, post:2, topic:2300”]
Kraig however did hint that boosters would finally be making it in the game.
[/quote] wait, really?!? finally! I have never known what the boosters are supposed to be and I honestly thought they where just going to be a space filler at this point. Now I’m nutty excited!

CrayLCD: I dont understand the point of your post, I did say “the patch notes would probably be out on the 3rd more than likely, so I should just goto bed,” so thanks for reaffirming that…??? Maybe if you have some info. it would have been a great post, but @Kranged already said all of this by the time I had posted this thread:

1st and 2nd tweet I am quoting were just about 10 hours ago at the time.

  1. ""Just reviewed our #killerinstinct patch notes. Boosters will no longer be “coming soon” :wink: "

  2. “A #killerinstinct patch note blog post will go up soon on that outlines the rest of the goodies” - Which at the time of my post was posted more than 9 hours. It was already 1am (est) and I was really curious about what the boosters were going to change into. So I figured I would ask here.

And yes, he also said later on something like: Shadow Jago is not in this #killerinstinct patch, which comes out tomorrow!

Just want to say, you come off in a way that I simply do not like. (I am just saying, not hating, your Orchid is phenomenal! And I only wish I had more time to actually play on a hardcore level to take you on directly :smile: ) You did not provide any new information, and only gave a negative spin on the subject by coming back with pompous style reply like you know more than the rest of the worl. Maybe YOU are one of the reasons that, according to your rant post (Which I didnt watch) are why people might not be sticking with KI. This is my first ever (and last) close to negative posts I have ever done. I just got back from the NYC marathon and I was tired yesterday so I figured I would ask here. If anyone knew any additional info, it would have been great, not just posted something in such a way that really rubbed me the wrong way.

I hope over time you realize how you come off, there is a difference between believing in yourself and showing that off. You for the most part, make comments that I do not want to even hear. I am saying this ONLY so that you might act a little more mature in the future, its all I ask, as the KI Community is the best and is always changing/ growing! I almost feel bad saying on of this but everyone else that had remotely acted like this, has toned their presentation of their ideas and facts to the right level. You are still one of the “bigger” names as far as players of KI and probably have followers, but you would get so many more if you were a little more tactful.

AND the BIG part, I have been asking about Boosters since they have come out, so that is a Huge update to me, which is why I asked about the patch notes.

Hazard Over N Out!

KI 4 LIfe

Kraig did say there would be some “fancypants upgrades” so I think boosters being aded is a good bet.


Again, I just wanted to stress that I just got back from a LONG trip and am not trying to hate! I love all KI players, I am still in a fog and irritable so dont take my message the wrong way.

I love the KI community and everyone in it, its the best by far! I want to see it continue growing!

CrazyLCD is a top player for sure and I didnt want to go to work feeling bad about what I wrote, do not take offense to what I wrote, if you take anything from it, just know that most of us are KI nuts lol and we follow the main people on twitter that present new info and upcoming news.

Keep it up with KI mang!

KI and KI Community For LIFE!

I Honestly didn’t know there was a new patch. Lol

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Lets stay positive everyone

Kraig did hit at more! The booster thing im really intrested in.

“boosters will no longer be coming soon” might mean they’ve removed the section completely.

I’ll have to load up the game tonight at some point, I haven’t played in a bit.

Have you ever watched one of my streams, I am a very funny and care free guy. I’m sorry you feel I came off wrong towards you. Believe me when I say that anyone who has ever met me will tell you I’m a pushover haha :smile:

The way I post on the forums is a little different because I take this as a serious place where the Devs read everything and so I tend be more official and professional here. The tone of my writing isn’t meant to sound arrogant or standoffish.

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As much as I hate admitting I was wrong, I was wrong lol! It was a small update, I was really hoping boosters were going to be something special and also maybe some fun new easter eggs, which could still happen!

And i felt so bad after I had left for work because I literally spent last 4 days in nyc doing the marathon thing and was sooooo cranky this morning. I had a ton of emotions going through my head and I took it out on the wrong person.

I sincerely apologize bud! Trust me, this is a rarity lol!

Hope you aint mad at ya boy!

Hazard over n out!

Patch notes are up!