Any hope for passive 3D?

Just wondering if we are ever going to get 3D support for KI…3D tv’s are kinda making a comback, and I really wanna play KI in 3D with particles flying every where. My XB1 and TV are 3D ready just waiting on you IG.

That would be cool. I wonder how much work it would take for 3D.

If they could run games at 720p at 60 fps on the 360 and PS3 IDK why not with the xbox1. I’m fine with the trade off of 900p vs 720p in 3D

3D is a cool idea, but I wouldn’t want to sacrifice resolution to achieve it. 3D is great, but it’s always been a bit of a fad - it has a tendency to go away and come back. For those reasons, I would prefer the higher resolution instead if I had to choose 1 over the other. Still, both would be good, if possible. :wink:

If the 360 and ps3 could do 720p at 60fps then I think the xb1 can do 1080p in 3D at 60 fps. Maybe when we get DX12