Any GOOD Kan Ra players out there?

I just lost to a kan ra… in my Kombo klash pool.

isn’t kan ra trash tier? I’m so upset. Would like to know the mu so more. >.>

I play Maya. I just need more practice against that son of a ■■■■■.

@ItzTymeToDul Would you like to assist this gentleman/lady in a kan-ra set?

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Lesson learned, in KI nobody is “trash tier” because in the right hands any character is a deadly weapon. Never go in expecting an easy match based on the character they choose because you don’t know what your opponent is capable of.


Never pay too much heed to “tier lists” in KI. Even characters without as much tournament play are viable, and often times people confuse who’s a high tier character with who the top tournament players happen to main. A character may be armed with powerful tools, but a weapon is only as good as its wielder.

A lot of characters (especially characters like RAAM and Mira) have been slept on really hard, and people are only now coming out of the woodwork to showcase very good play. Kan-Ra was the boogeyman of season 2, and while he’s not nearly as nasty as he once was he’s still incredibly capable.

If you’re looking for good S3 Kan-Ra showings, look for Fubuki. His Kan-Ra is downright terrifying.


Lesson indeed learned. I need to understand the mu. If I go in with a blind eye I’ll for sure lose


I think I’m a level 32 Kan ra. You can try adding me, gamer handle is General Screbor.
I honestly don’t believe there is such a thing as trash teir, just characters in the hands of trash players. Just like the idea that is not the car that runs people over, it’s the person driving it. Maybe you just came across someone who really know how to work that sandy fiend. Kan Ra is not my main, riptor is, but feel free to add me and I’ll see if I can teach you some tricks.

I won’t be able to play for a while but feel free to add me if you want some Kan Ra matches. I’m ok with him.

Don’t let him zone you. When the match starts attack him immediatelly. Be aggressive. Clear his insects with j.HP to open the way. Don’t be affraid to throw your daggers horizontally even if you are at full screen. If a dagger hits and the path is clear of insects roll + jump + heavy kick to reach him. Be carefull with his grab at medium distances and never stays on that sand in the ground.