Any experiences using a SSD to run KI?

I was thinking of just getting one for general gaming. Then I thought about how fast load times of models on the character select screen would be.

Does anyone have any experience with using a SSD for KI, and if so, what are the load times with one?

I’ve ki on one. It loads a bit faster and the textures load in right away. But not much difference tbh

Do you think it would be worth picking up a SSD for load times in other games?

The reason I ask is, my HDD is 98.9% full. I need the storage anyway, but I want faster loading times. The Xbox One only has a 5400rpm HDD.

I picked one up for the space. Works with the x1 and 360. I got a 2tb one, works very well

I know with the xbox elite that 1 tb is ssd and with cod i seem to spawn before almost everyone and get tons kills from it

I have an external hard drive. I havent had any problems that wouldnt usually happen even with the game on the internal hard drive.

Haha that’s pretty comical. You’d think they wouldn’t start the match until everyone is loaded in.

I’ve heard and read externals with high read speed, higher than the Xbox One’s internal 5400 rpm HDD, actually can affect the performance of Fallout 4. Apparently Bathesda didn’t correctly optimize the console versions of the game. Outside of that game, I have no idea if it actually improves anything.

Tbh, they didn’t fully optimize on pc either. They just get away with it because they’re Bethesda.

I have the 3TB Seagate and everything works great… I don’t have any issues with load time or the game running slow.

What’s the read speed? 5400 or 7200 rpm?

Im not sure…let me check the box real quick…

It doesn’t say anywhere in the box or manual. It does say SUPER FAST storage speed!

Well, considering my Xbox One’s internal storage is getting fuller more quickly than I anticipated, I’m starting to shop around. I do want something with at least 2 TB storage, and at least a 7200 rpm read speed. I don’t care if it is portable or desk. I have also been tempted to save up a little for the Xbox One Elite console with that hybrid drive with the half HDD, half solid state 1TB storage and use my current model as a trade in value.

The Major Nelson spokesman for Xbox has been tweeting about those Seagate brand HDDs a lot this holiday season.

Go for it man! I wouldnt get eh hybrid drive xbox unless you just have a ton of $ laying around…its not goign to make a difference. You will have to redown load all your games and that will take up time and INterent data.

Get the 3TB SEAGATE from Game stop…its 139 regular price…I got mine on sale at xmas for 110$

they make a 2TB for 15$ less…so go ahead and get the 3TB

I bought an elite controller yesterday and t will be in tuesday, maybe even monday if im lucky…I wanted the elite console but just too much money and time it will take to get it all set back up and trade in the old.

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I’ll be weighing my best option around and seeing what happens. If I can get good trade in credit (which realistically probably isn’t happening because this is gamestop we’re talking about…), it may be worth it to upgrade to the elite console. It also comes with the Elite controller, which is another reason (the main one really) why the console SKU is so expensive.

Most likely though, I’ll probably go with the Seagate, but I want nothing less than a 7200 rpm HDD drive, so I may have to shop around on those too. We’ll see.

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Yeah good luck getting an elite controller without the console. They’re back ordered until February, I think. Unless you live in “Bum-■■■■-nowhere”.

With an SSD, loading times are slightly noticeably faster. Resuming a suspended game is very noticeably faster.

I tried an external 7200rpm drive in an enclosure which has its own power supply, and that was a bad experience. Seemed like the drive kept going to sleep, so spinup time was very noticeable. I quickly switched back to SSD.

I may look into SSDs then, might be worth the extra coin. I have heard though that their failure rate is significantly higher. I have also heard to the contrary as well, however, but their speed is unmatched, but SSD real estate is much higher cost per GB storage than with HDDs.


I searched for a week trying to find one for a decent price…everything is sold out except for the console bundle, the Halo 5 bundle, and the Rock candy ear plug bundle. I got the Halo 5 bundle 3 days ago and it will be here tomorrow or tuesday.

I will trade in Halo 5 for 28$ after i play it for a bit

Its not unattainable if you want one bad enough… i didnt get the head phone bundle because i cant trade the headphones in and i have a ton of headphones all ready

there are a lot of elites on ebay but they are all going for an average of 200$ or buy it now for 189$ plus shipping