Any CS:GO Players?

I have caved, and purchased CS:GO.

But the grinding to get to rank 3 to play competitive is SO BORING.

Anyone out there want to help me out and maybe form a competitive CS:GO / KI team?

Just to clear things up, i was talking about the PC version when i made this topic.
But now that i know that the 360 versions got backwards compatibility treatment, i will also be happy to play that one, too. (If it runs good. REACH sure didnt :frowning: )

The Backwards compatibility option has INPUT DELAY. I think i speak for all of us when i say F*** THAT! Yet another 360 title ruined by awful backwards compatibility patches. I WILL NOT PLAY THE XBOX ONE VERSION.

I credit CS with why I play shooters, since it’s where I learned the facets of strategy and tactics - I played that game for well over 4 years. Having owned CS:GO before, I naturally got it as part of the Back-Compat (as Major Nelson calls it). However, when I owned it before, it was completely broken - I couldn’t even start the game, as I was frozen in place. I’m happy to see that the back-compat version doesn’t have this issue. That being said, I tried it for the 1st time this afternoon in years, and am sorry to say that, well, it’s just not the same. Shooters have come such a long way since, that to me, it just feels like a pretty bad game now… :expressionless:

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Are you talking about the xbox 360 version?

#You Peasant

I only play it on PC where it is SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYED.
With 4K Graphics, 120fps, Triple monitored, on Steam.

Be Gone from me, you lesser-person!

Kidding, of course.

I used to play the 360 version all the time.

I just got the PC version because now i can, and i wanted to test my PC skills.


I will play that right now.

The 4 years was spent playing the PC version; I got the original game the day it hit retail and eventually upgraded to CS:Source.

I have the PC version on Steam as well - same username. I’d be up for playing CS:Go with you.

So i got straight bullied is CS GO today. Im thinking about never playing a PC game again.

Oh yeah, it’s a tough crowd in that game. They like to show no mercy - it’s like they’re, well, terrorists or somethin’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Never could get into it, its overly competitive and lacking in the department of variety. I prefer Battlefield or COD (Zombies) or better yet the new Gears. I really like story so anything without doesn’t appeal to me.

In my 5 days of playing, i have determined that CSGO is the WORST FPS ever. PC gaming really does suck. and so do the people who participate in it.

In all honesty, if someone offered me a super computer that i could ONLY play games on, i wouldn’t take it. Steam, the Steam community, and the integrity of it’s games, are not worth having even if it was for free.

(And NO, i’m not saying this because i am not good at the game. My worst experiences so far have come from me being TOO GOOD at the game.)

planning to be on CS:Go tonight? I expect to be on in a couple hours or so.

I have to leave tonight, if you want to play VERY late, i will be on as long as you want. I should be home about 3 or 4 hours after this post.

I also just hit rank 3 so we can play competitive.

I’m on if anyone wants to play tonight.

What the actual F***?!?!?!?!

Now that i can finally play competitive, it gives me a 24 HOUR competitive ban because you can’t get more than 3 wins in a single day.

F*** PC GAMING. I don’t think i will ever be mad about anything Microsoft does, because it will NEVER be worse than the garbage at Steam and Valve.