Any announcement for the patch 3.8?

If is it possible @rukizzel can we have a datum for the 3.8 patch note? please

Who said there was a 3.8?

JK, but no date yet. Of course I will tell you when I know.


for a moment ive been like, ugh?


thank youuuuuuuu! :grin::kissing_heart:


I saw that episode of tom and Jerry with the little, yellow bird…

for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why he sounded like Donald Duck.

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The timeline when 3.8 patch notes come out and Sadira has no changes:


I seriously hope they fix Kan Ras crouching HK bug. It’s been over a month already.


@rukizzel Kan you confirm if this is in the worka for a fix?


lol hahahahhahahahh i dont care anymore cause i use aria and glacius now since like 2 month at full time lol lol
you would be surprised to know how many pro stars i got only playin aria and glacius ahahhah surprise

but if sadira is bringing back to life ’ why nope playing her again, ahhah till there bye bye spider


I dont blame anyone dropping Kan Ra. Poverty status with a broken button. Smh

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Is it 2?


ugh? lol i dont understand it lol lol

You said you’ve gotten multiple prostars since switching to Aria and Glacius. You said you switched to Aria and Glacius 2 months ago. Ergo you can only have two prostars.


i got ya now, i got like 3 for doing nothing with headhache like using sadira ahahahhah ggs

Killer Instinct 3.8 Patch Notes:

Minor Bug Fixes: Kan-Ra Cr HK works as intended. Shadow Lords AI Reverted to pre 3.7 difficulty. Jail system modified to determine the player who dropped from the game.

All characters: No Balance changes
Fulgore Terror Skin’s Plasma Blades adjusted to match the blue on the rest of the skin.

Misc Notes:
SullenMosquito not reprimanded for leaking information he made up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That is all.


i though it was real , was like omg nooooo, thats all? lol lol ahhahaha jk

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Patch 3.8 notes

-Mira health mechanic removed. Just go ham who cares

-fulgore still too strong, so he has mira health mechanic now and 3 pips to special cancel. We finally said â– â– â– â–  it and gave him manual charge back.

-jago heal fireball is now gone. You don’t have to kill him 5 times over anymore. Oh and if he cancels fireballs it burns him so he gets 30% potential damage. If he gets thrown, he drops his sword. Anyone can pick it up and gain it’s frame data and 50% damage increase

-glacius cold shoulder now pushes him back into ice lance range on block. +20 advantage. His shimmy dash thing now S1 sabrewulf status

-gargos can now summon minions free. Has a quadruple jump and a new airborne minion that does air grabs for combo openers

-kan ra restored to season 2 status

-kim wu made uglier

-thunder needs meter to do DP


Yeah but it’s a berf. In return he is now 50% slower on all moves and he takes double damage on anything out of instinct. And his instinct is activated any hit activates the stage ultra from Aganos’s stage on Gargos.

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Should we assume Kan Ra won’t ever be fixed? His cr hk button hasnt been working right since day 1 of patch 3.7

Over a month already…actually just a few days shy of 2 months…unacceptable. They expect people to fork over money when they neglect game balance and continue deteriorating ki’s quality

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I haven’t played against a decent KanRa since they nerfed him. Maybe only like 2 good players since late last year. all he has left are his grabs and a few situational set ups. if IGs goal is to balance fun/nerfs I think they went a little to far. he needs a new move or mechanic.

there’s more to worry about than Cr Mk.


A patch for a single attack? You know how expensive is releasing a patch? You know that it will be fixed in the next patch? not working is unfortunate, but it’s not the end of the world. Just work around it for a while

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