Any 3.8 high level Kilgore play?

I am struggling hard since new patch, are there any newer resources?

I believe @F3Sleep said he’d be posting more Kilgore stuff soon.

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I’m not sure of any other resources, but i’m curious what you’re struggling with with 3.8 Kilgore?

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Haven’t played w Kilgore yet, but according to the patch notes, the only differences should be the return of EX.Missile knockdown (so no more 50ish% 1chance punishes), and some new end-round meter gain opportunities.

What are you struggling with? Have you found bugs? Is Eagle a pain?

Eagle is a pain because every time I face him my game crashes lmao.

I dont know exactly what is the matter, I feel like my execution is sloppy, and fixed EX rockets stir thing up for me too. I picked Kilgore in 3.7 and I was really comfy with this bug. I would need to learn some setups.


I gotta mention that I feel like Kilgore deals a slightly more damage in 3.8 in combos. I dont know if he deals more PD or got some ninja dmg buff, but I am sure he hits a little harder.

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Working on it now guys!! I have match up’s and setups coming soon sub too my youtube channel hollywoodsleep ns. I will also post it on the killer instinct page


Serious sets are back!! check out @betox_o. Vs my Kilgore against his Eagle & Arbiter.


More coming soon im kinda rusty but i’ll shake it off the next video and will be showing you guys setups vs the cast!!


Holy hell, your Kilgore’s amazing.

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DAT Kilgore combos!

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