Another tournament in japan 04/29/2016

this is from ogty from japan… i hope they can recorde the tournament where the KI will be show and upload in you toube

@BoJima404 i notice that you have contact with them , please can you let them know if they can doit if is possible i want to see japanese match again all will be happy

here is the link to the website

this is a raw translation from the website

America Team St1ckBuG (TSB) collaboration in annual GODSGARDEN × KVO!

“XBOX ONE killer Instinct (KILLER INSTINCT)” has been elected as a title as a new title this year!

● venue
Namba largest class of underground cabaret " Misono universe (" and to charter held.
[Location: Chuo-ku, Osaka Sennichimae 2-3-9 Misono universe building B1]

  • A 3-minute walk Subway, Kintetsu, than the Great Hanshin-Nankai Namba Station ground the “Nanhai street” to the east
    Subway Kintetsu turn right about 100m “Nihonbashi 2” to the south of Nihonbashi Station ground Exit 5 soon
    View on Google Maps : https: //

Note: in the venue to bring in food and drink should be prohibited we have with. You in advance for your note like, thank you.

● admission
\ 2500-/ day (soft drinks: There is sold at the venue, nameplate distribution) for a discount, at a later date announcement.

The same day of all title game events is the participation free.

● entry way
On top of the click “- Application” above menu, participation application to form
"handle name" ※ essential
"password for the cancellation" ※ essential, is required when you want to cancel. Please be careful not to forget.
“E-mail address” ※ required, please be sure to enter in order to convey the contact from the management side.
“Age” ※ required, please be sure to select in order to manage the time that you can stay in the offer and venue of drink.
“Message” ※ any enthusiasm, such as Feel free to!
On the input of the above-mentioned five items, please apply to join.

[To those who participate in multiple title]
If you want to participate in more than one title, thank you to the entry of each title.
In addition, the “entry name” of each title will be ask that you are able to unify all.

● Competition Rules (March 1 Preliminary)

  1. The tournament will be conducted in 1on double Yili Mi Nation system (two lien).

  2. There side only change the character losing.

  3. stage consultation in both, please randomly unless Kimara.

  4. Using hard is scheduled for XBOX ONE.

  5. If you press pause during the game, either will be as long as the press was the side defeat nor victory confirmed (one is taken).

  6. If you stopped the game, such as by a third party, will re-match from as much as possible reproduce the situation.

  7. such as in the case of a draw by a double KO, thank you a rematch and disable the game.

  8. field game, regardless of winning or losing, three games have them at a seat at the time that has been completed so that you ask.

  9. is scheduled to perform in the latest version at the time the competition the day before, but by the schedule of the patch will use the one of the previous one.

  10. available character is all the characters in the version (including shadow Jay Gore), but, with regard to whether or not the preceding delivery character is determined by the questionnaire at a later date.

  11. Since it is an unprocessed material, if the ridiculous bug had been discovered there is a possibility to limit the use.

● Controller
Controller, converter, you are requested to bring your own.
(And I’d appreciate it if you could lend some for field game)
Or player to use the pad off the power after the end of the game, make sure you remove the batteries.

● Other Related Link
Official HP⇒
Official twitter⇒ @KVOJAPAN
Hash tag ⇒ # KSB2016
If you have any questions, please contact the killer Instinct Division @ogty.


Let us know how we can help promote and get the word out!


@Quancro okay, I will send a note to them

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cool you are wesome

Wow of all the fighting games out there they chose KI. I guess that means it’s picking up steam fast in Japan right??
I’ve been seeing more KI streams on Nico nico and twitch from japanese players lately.

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can you share the stream of that guy please

Sure I don’t know when they exactly stream but I’ve watched a few small tournaments on this link

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thanks alot

rember this tournament is this month 4/29/


Hey this is FatalDMG,

I will most certainly let everyone know of KSB on my twitch channel, since I speak both English and Japanese and will promote it when I can!


So will I be able to watch the tournament through your twitch?

I won’t be streaming the event, but I am a strong supporter of OGTY and his contribution to the KI scene here in Tokyo. I’ll most likely advertise it on stream when I’m live. I may do a host of the channel and allow people to chat in my chat about the event.


Where will it be streamed?

Thanks much!

remenber this 24th the japanese tournament

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Thanks! 29th right?

o yeah my bad … sorry yes is the 29th

today is the day
can some one upload the stream later in youtube ?

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You can watch on the twitch later, past streams are saved!

Btw, why not watch live?

I’ll post the streamers

When does it start?