Another L In Shadow Lords on my Third Run

Was trying out Shadow Lord on my third run and I tried going against Gargos. Total big fail. Tried doing the classic quit and restart at checkpoint and that wasn’t happening. To those who are playing the early preview don’t try…you’ll be met with a Game Over and your characters die. Even when you exit out of the game though the Dashboard. Lesson learned…take this L with dignity.

I beat him on Godlike using only one character…

Jago… 40% damage increase for 3 days… 40% damage taken decrease for 3 days… Snake Guardian… and the consumable that restores your health throughout the fight. Restore a whole bar slowly. Close fight, but I won.

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Why are you complaining about losing on your 3rd run, I’ve had 10+ attempts and still havnt beaten him.

Heart of Gargos is a nightmare and he has had it every time I have faced him.

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What difficulty are you playing on? I won my first playthrough in challenging and jago was my main and I couldn’t use Kim wu or fulgore for crap. The key is guardians. Save up and get a few guardian packs. Also if you need to rest and skip a day do it.

II went ahead and purchased packs, it’s not like Orchid or Kim are getting outfits I could’ve used for my ki gold- even though I mow have about 6500 ki gold-

and yes having guardians helps, but it’s not guaranteed a win cause that challenging gargos is insane beyond insanity. The minions are ALWAYS present, the portal punches are constant, and he doesn’t die as he regenerates health if you haven’t surpressed that buff.

They really managed to capture the saltiness of ki2 gargos lol

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I usually just use Riptor and a battles stem and shadow special a whole life bar away.

Never Say i was complaining was just share my through on shadow lord and me trying to do the classic trying to quit and restart at the last checkpoint that was a total fail just let KI Players know don’t do what i did I really enjoy Shadow Lords i had my few share of rage but Shadow Lords is on another level Props Go to IG

im playing it on challenging i do have a few guardians

True Gargos Is The Biggest ■■■■■ in Shadow Lords

Im not Touch Godlike i Play Ultimate Kyle Before Never Again Godlike May Just Been Worse Then Ultimate Kyle

Fulgore with snake, projectile damage up, and the infinite meter for 15 seconds. Unlimited painful hype beams.