Another Epic Comeback

I tell ya, my Sadira just loves surviving on the edge of her life. Like all my epic comebacks, it always starts with a series of epic blunders that should have rightly cost me my life, but somehow or another, I survived and found what I needed to finish off the match.


I was salty after that but only at myself because I mistakenly did the wrong ender that cost me the 1st life bar then I dropped the ultra input at the end which cost me the match :persevere::disappointed:. We definitely have to run a set sometime soon @SoSRaGnArOk.


I’ll see your comeback and raise you one of my own, albeit this one is kind of…outdated. As in, before Jago’s 3.7 nerfs.

P.S. Not trying to overshadow you, your comeback was equally sick despite the number of drops from both players.


Not to be that guy but isn’t there already a thread somewhere that’s dedicated to epic comebacks?

That was actually quite epic, especially as you were taking on Gargos, but both you an Jackal are top tier players, so I wouldn’t expect any less.

I know for myself, I was very tired. It was later in the night when we fought and I had already been in a lobby for about two hours, so my brain was getting tired and sadly, I was dropping a LOT of stuff.

Generally it is usually how epic comebacks work for me. I ■■■■■ things up royally until the last pixel of life and then I somehow find the skills to forge ahead.

@DarkLrdChuckles Yes we will need to have a rematch soon. As for timing… I dunno. Destiny 2 is arriving late tonight, and our entire clan is grinding to be prepared for the new Raid coming next Wednesday. Gonna be tough, as I have to work… stupid job. :slight_smile: But we absolutely need to run a set. I still owe @FallofSeraphs76 a set as well. He wants to absorb as much of my Sadira knowledge as possible.

In respect to @SolidGryphon374… Honestly, while epic comebacks are cool, it is always better to try and control the match from the get go, than to mess everything up and try to fix it at the end.

In terms of tech used, the real big take away, was using Sadira’s jump cancelling to fish for a lock out and then jcing as many heavy autos as possible and then finishing with a tiger-kneed SWB.

Even with out her new buffs, I’m regularly pulling 60% to 70% damage depending on meter availability.

@REYNOSOFUA11 There is an OLD thread about epic comebacks, but the only recent one is Streetns’ epic comebacks tourney edition. As this wasn’t a tourney event, I felt that it would be out of place. Also note, I’ve always posted Sadira related comebacks in the Sadira forums for fellow Sadira fans to digest, before putting it elsewhere.