Announcers talk mess when you screw up

I think it would be funny if when you b low out a combo. The anoucers say


Or when you drop a combo the announcer laughs


or something like that.

Tech throws should also be announced and when you activate instinct mode.

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I like the “blow out” idea because a lot of newer players who don’t quite understand the mechanics may be thinking they’re doing actual combos, but are not getting the most out of it because they may not realize that they need an ender. Having the annoncement may help them realize that what they’re doing isn’t actually a good thing.

Other than that though, I don’t think we need any more, especially if it’s going to berate the player - that’d just be mean…

Fighting is a mean sport and sometimes harsh words are said…maybe if you get a HAHA FAILURE message, could help them find out where they failed at and help them fix it, along with a lil humor…not cheese…humor.

I feel that would get annoying real quik even if its your opponent that’s screwing up.

combo drop = “MISSED”

Instinct/Shadow interruption = “DENIED”

What about resets? The game has no way of knowing when someone went for a reset or if they simply dropped the combo. If I wreck someone’s whole health bar with overhead and cross up resets the announcer would simply keep calling me a failure.

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I thought about this, and figured this would be the most difficult part…