Announcer updated in 2.11

If no one has noticed, the ARIA announcer has been updated in the newest update, some of the changes include the repeating “C” in the Combo/Counter Breaker sound file, but my favorite change is what they did to both “Ultra” sound files, try it yourself and find out!


Thank you! I had no Idea they changed the ARIA announcer and now I have to see what it sounds like!

Yea i never use the ARIA announcer, so I wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t make this thread lol Thanks!

The important thing about the Aria announcer is that the “1, 2, 3” sound effects for shadow breaks are no longer massively delayed, so there isn’t a competitive disadvantage to picking it! And yeah, also the combo breaker, counter breaker, and ultra sound effects have been dramatically improved. They’ve got some echo/computer glitchiness to them that makes them a lot more impactful.

Definitely sounds a lot better in this patch.

Now I’ll have to check it out…