Annihilation = no more ultimates? O_o

Shadow jago’s move Annihilation is more of a super move rather than an ultimate. Are ultimates being scrapped/removed? I don’t like where this is going…

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He does have an ultimate. Annihilation is a completely different move. But they did confirm no ultimates for S3.

He has both.

The Annihilation, which is indeed is boss form’s ultimate, is as you said, basically a super. You can use it in the neutral game during instinct (you will make more damage if you hit directly after poping the instinct), not in combo.

The Ultimate, which you can do like an Ultra (id est when your opponent is in danger, at least after an opener), has more hits and change the victory ending (a close up on Shago’s face instead of Shago launching a shendokuken toward the screen).

Both share the same command (and I think that’s what is screwing the achievement), Quarter circle forward + Throw (LK+LP).

Oh, and speaking of it, I would rather have Annihilation for everyone than Ultimate.


When did they confirm this?

I dunno about any other source of info, but on the stream they vaguely said “Shadow Jago is the only one who has an Ultimate in this video game”. Some take that to mean it isn’t for anyone else, some think its being vague on purpose to reveal them at S3 launch.

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They pretty clearly said no ultimates for S3 in the Shadow Jago gameplay stream. I think the people who are hoping that maybe they were being intentionally tricky with their wording are just setting themselves up for disappointment later.

Ultimates ARE coming guys! I know it! IG doesn’t have to tell us anything. Besides, People will be pissed if the rest of the cast didn’t have Ultimates. Shago having the only Ultimate for the rest of S3 would be a dumb idea.

They didn’t say there weren’t gonna be Ultimates for S3. All they said was “Shadow Jago is the only one with an Ultimate”. Remember when they said that his Ultimate was only gonna be done on his stage? Look now, now Shago can do his Ultimate on any stage.

“Shadow Jago is the only character in this game with an ultimate.” I think you need to do some serious lawyering with a helping of denial to try to interpret that as “Season 3 characters will have ultimates.”

They never explicitly said “no Ultimates in Season 3” but basically implied it so chances are looking next to none we’ll see them. If by some miracle we do get them I can almost guarantee you, it’ll be for the S3 cast only.

If you want to hold out hope for this, be my guest, but just… don’t be disappointed when it’s not true.

I’m with Infil on this guys. While it’s been a while since I’ve watched the stream and I haven’t gone back to check, I remember it being pretty clear cut.

That being said, I hope they don’t do more moves like they did with Annihilation for other characters. While it’s cool, and I think (mostly) balanced, I don’t want to see that kind of thing spread out across the entire cast.

Ultimates though? The kind where you have to beat your opponent with certain requirements, like still having your 1st lifebar (a supreme victory, basically), I’d be okay with though. Will it come? Probably not, but if it did, I’d be okay with it.

I don’t think its a “will”, more like “could” and that requires less lawyering with probably the same amount of denial. And I don’t put it past IG to troll, while still being sane enough to not break down if they don’t add them in the game.
I’m gonna have to go back and listen to the specifics of what exactly was said. But @Infilament’s got a point, we shouldn’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t happen.