Angry Joe Tears SFV, Explains Single Player Content is Important

Something a lot of people on here seem to think that single player stuff isn’t important. It’s pretty common thought for hardcore gamers but SFV has received a ton of terrible press just because of that. It’s pretty important for casual fans. KI is small so the didn’t have to deal with this amount of bad press on release but come Season 3 they will compare SFV with KI. Hope you guys see why that single player content is important to attract new players.

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I saw this a couple of hours ago and I’m not sure if I should be disappointed or relieved that KI does not get mentioned in the slightest.

I know Joe claims himself to be a casual player, but even he should know about KI and should have some sort of comparison between it and SFV. This is unless he has absolutely no complaints about KI and fails to mention it because KI has done no wrong or KI is so beneath his notice that it goes by under his radar.

Sounds like the game was rushed out just to draw attention before we all get S3 TBH. I was completely at a loss when I saw that each character had only 2-3 fights in their story modes. Disgusting and shameful IMO.

So once again the big names have used the name and the reputation make its sales.

Oh well…

he did review K.I if i remember and told his opinion on the marketing strategy which as expected wasnt positive but this is S5 a AAA a fighting game that shouldnt need to stoop to the level of K.I which definitely doesnt have the budget SF5 undoubtedlty has.

besides i doubt SF5 did it to compete with K.I…i mean what does SF5 has to fear from K.I lol the season 3 date was announced after the sf5 date was announced i think…

KI was released incomplete but it didn’t sell for full price. I don’t see how it’s fair to compare the two at all.

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Did he? Hmmm

I know, “KI is such a small game. Pay it no heed.” says those at Capcom. Haha

I just find it deplorable that so many AAA games are being released with no more worth or merit than some indie games. Less than in fact.

Destiny, Battlefront, most of the COD games, most of the EA sports games and Total War Warhammer (by the looks of it), all regurgitated content or simply cut-content that is sold on a regular basis and everyone keeps on buying into it.

All my friends pass it off as being “the way the gaming industry is going” nowadays and that we all need to learn to accept it.

Not me. I don’t refuse it.

I agree with Angry Joe on SFV, how it is so barebones and lacking content, not enough characters, not enough offline modes or even online modes, HOWEVER, that the gameplay is really good and it’s a fun game to play!

Basically the day 1 KI Season 1. That being said, where have I seen your name before? IncubusLord…

True, and day 1 KI S1 wasn’t very good - but DH and Microsoft never eluded that it would be a complete game! And like mentioned above, it wasn’t set to full price either. You could basically play the game for free, with limitations, of course. There’s one of that with SFV.

And theincubuslord is generally my tag everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, Arcade mode and other single player are sort of afterthoughts for the most part. With fighters you spend most of the time in versus or practice. Having those modes is a plus for sure, but hardly a necessity.

Granted, SFV doesn’t have a proper arcade mode, and the story mode is in June but it was rushed by Sony to meet Capcom Cup qualifiers and Evo deadline and since it’s SF people will play it and they can get away with it. I don’t like that it was released in it’s state, but I find it a little silly that the same happened with games like Halo 5, Destiny, Splatoon, yet it takes until SFV for people to have an issues with this way of “here’s the bones now, we’ll add the meat and sides later” doing things.

I’ve never liked Angry Joe - he speaks far too much from emotion and has a tendency to over-exaggerate his opinions in the process…

Agreed, this one is a little less over dramatic than his other videos and he shares insights of what casual players do find important which is something I think the FGC needs to see more clearly.

His opinion means Jacks hit, at least for me. I don’t play fighting games for the story :\

Exactly, this is to show you that there are a ton of people who aren’t like you and don’t play fighting games solely for the online. If you read the comments there are people on both sides but the casual fans will always tell you they want single player content in order to learn instead of being intimidated by only online ranking.

Show me all you like, won’t change my opinion lol. It’s true though, that I will say

I dont like the guy and hes a nrs fanboy. If it was them he wouldn’t complain. He said the same for every capcom fighter hes reviewed.

That’s not true.
When MK9 came out, he said that it set the bar on what content that should be expected from fighting games. But have you seen his review on MKX and how disappointed he’s been at the PC port? No sir, if he was an NRS fanboy, he would defend them to the very end, but that was NOT what he did. XD

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KI S1 took tons of heat for the release model, people’s memory has just softened over time.

As far as SFV… I don’t know. It’s clear they have muffed the launch. I just don’t think that every fighting game needs an MK style story mode. Enough single player content to convince people they actually bought a full game? Yes.

Ki was also 40 dollars cheaper than sf5 at launch too lol so that helped a bit

SFV simple doesn’t compare to KI. It’s lacking in so much in my opinion. The fighting system is good, but it doesn’t have anything on the mechanics of KI.

andy’s got it right, when KI first released i didnt even wanna bother with it. first, it was xbone exclusive and you all remember that draconian set of rules for it. 2nd, being stuck with just jago wasnt appealing and a 6 fighter roster also did me no good. i didnt buy KI until the advent of fulgore’s release which sent me over the edge and here i am