Angel character

IWith Gargos a demon along with Omen, KI don’t have angels yet.

There can be light manipulation to blind enemies, purify even attack & defend. Their wings can shoot out razor feathers.

The Ikkorans have an enemy related to the angels. Gargos’ race sought destruction, while this race seeks salvation.
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Maybe it’s not a good idea.
KI already have 2 winged chars and most important… It will be compared to Tekken and that Angel X Devil vibe.

Guess that’s out?

You do realize that the game’s newest character, Gargos, has angelic accessories, right?

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there is no angel like being that i like more than this one i have found is amir gaul from this anime called Kiba
amir is a giant angelic being that fights by taking off his wings and use them as swords.

Viola no need to worry about too much winged characters. the guy doesn’t fight winged, he tears off his wings and literally fight with it!

Well, we have a valkyrie, sort of. And she (it ?) opposes Gargos.

Or Eagle could do that, I think Rizza D Marco (sorry if I miswrote it, I’m not really good with name) had a great design for him, with wings and all that stuff.

I disagree. While the winged aspect was a pretty cool touch, I didn’t like that it was a direct rip-off of Thunder’s character model. I would’ve liked something wholly original instead. Besides, there’s nothing in the lore that says that they were twins.

Also, another concern I have about the possibility of them bringing him back as a character is that Thunder (1 of my favorite characters) loses a lot of his motivation when that happens.

Sure, the Thunder thing was certainly an easier way to pull off his creation. But the spectral wings, the bone claws, mohawk, eagle belt are good ideas, in my opinion.

But, we saw that Eagle has long hair in the current canon (in the last novella) so he’ll be different if he is the last season 3 character.

I wouldn’t mind seeing him be a blind character (as a result of ARIA’s experiments on him) - it would be a testament to his skill as “the greatest warrior” of all. It could even be a nod to our blind, but fervant fans, like @SightlessKombat and others. :slight_smile:

That would be an interesting idea and could maybe even be worked into his mechanics, somehow though my mind is currently blank as to how. Maybe his instinct turns the opponent’s screen black so they can’t see anything as part of his skillset? Oh, the interesting matches that would make for.

I’m sure most sighted players would consider that incredibly broken - but it would be fun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I noticed the term fairy was used in the OP and on that idea I would like is a black knight fairy. With black gothic faerie wings, black armor with utilizing either black fire or any nondescript black energy or even black electricity since no one is using that.

With a fighting style using a sword/ sheild with magic attacks

Broken? Possibly for sighted players. Something they’d have to be aware of? Certainly. Entertaining to see if two sighted players used it in a match? Definitely. :smiley:

Any thoughts for this?