And! WHAT?

What do you think guys if we could have the pack 2 ultimate for this week end , like friday 28 or saturday?
maybe Ig would give us a nice present lol , im burning about aria ultimate can’t wait :grin:

It’s just a few extra days. We’ve waited this long, what’s another 5 days?

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Genuinely would love to examine the thought process that led to the title of this topic. :confused:


What!? That sounds awesome! Oh please make it happen!

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yeah they should make a beam stream goal just like for shin hisako early release , omg i can’t wait untill next week goin to be a hard time on here :persevere::sweat_smile:


“”" A.R.I.A ultimate bro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: if you didnt know it im now divorced since 1 or 2 month with my ex gf lol lol
i feel in paradise now, losing or wining is always fun with my new GF.

an now with ours mariage present"ultimate that Ig gives us" it would be greeeeaaatttttt!!!

[quote=“G0tei13Izaragi, post:6, topic:20485”]
mariage present"ultimate that Ig gives us"
You are very funny. Might want to update the title to “When is Aria’s ultimate being released?” Aria’s Ultimate is really cool though.


#WTF DID I JUST READ , lomfaooooooooooooo im dead on here bro ahhahahahahahah

We waited so long that’s no difference to me personally.

But I think it takes too long, all hype burned out for me.

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Still not getting the part where that translates into a thread title of “And! WHAT?” :neutral_face: