Anakaris: an ally to Kan Ra? (Guest character idea)

I think Anakaris fits well as a guest character and ally to Kan Ra. What are your thoughts?

They share similar long range trickiness, and because of their moveset and mummy/not-a-mummy origins, they could certainly form a team.

Of course, I try to picture him without the traditional hand drawn art style and imagine a KI-inspired 3D model. Give him the same towering size as Aganos and you have IMO a better, more natural rivalry.

No thanks. I’d rather have a bit more variety when it comes to characters, especially guest characters.

Variety? From a gameplay/mechanics standpoint? Or visually?

Those are great pictures. But it’s a little too close to Kan Ra in terms of visual design and fighting style for my taste. mummy/not a mummy. However, they could certainly do worse than this.

I do like the idea of a Kan-Ra assistant. It seems like there are a lot of directions they could take that idea.

Kan-Ra: “Igor! Fetch me my skin cream if you please…”

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Thanks but no thanks